3 Steps to Get Your Family Organized with a Color-Coded Calendar!

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If your household is anything like mine, you are probably the one in your family that everyone expects to be a walking calendar– able to recall what is going on in anyone’s schedule at a moment’s notice!

Although my mental and written calendars are musts for me personally, I also want to make sure that my family is informed about what is going on and is also able to manage their own schedules as well. If you want the same for your family, here are some basic steps in creating and using a family calendar that will help keep you all organized and informed.


1. Choose a central location in your home for your monthly calendar.
Think about a location where all of the family members will be able to easily view the calendar on a daily basis but not necessarily a place where visitors to the home will see it, too. For example, in our home, we have the calendar in the hallway where all the of the bedrooms are located so we all see the calendar at the start and end of the day. Because most guests don’t need to be in that part of the house, this also eliminates potentially broadcasting our schedule to everyone who enters our home.

2. Select a calendar that is functional for your needs.
When considering calendar options to make or purchase, think about your needs and uses for it. Ours is a whiteboard calendar so it can be easily erased and added to. We made sure it was magnetic, too, which gives us the ability to post things on it. Consider if you would use one with a cork board section or one with an organizer attached. For those of you who prefer computer organization, you can make a calendar on the computer. Just be sure to print it and post it where the family can access it. If you are choosing one spot for the family to access all of the information they need, make it as useful as possible.

3. Write your family’s activities on the posted calendar, and color-code it for ease of use.
Especially when there are kids around, it is easier for them to be on board with using this family calendar tool if it is user friendly. Have each family member choose a color that will be theirs so they know what to look for on the calendar. Write (or type- if you are using a computerized calendar) all of that person’s activities such as practices, parties, and appointments for the month in their color. Continue this process with all family members switching colors as you record activities for each person. Make one color represent the whole family for any activities you will all be doing together. Make a color-coded key on the edge of the calendar to show each person’s color. I use a separate color to record birthdays and other special events for the month so everyone remembers special days, too.

Are there other ways you keep your happenings organized and your family informed? Please share your fabulous ideas in the comment section below.

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