4 Grocery Store Spending Traps and How to Avoid Them

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Have you noticed your grocery bill creeping up lately? It may just be because of rising food prices, but it also may be because you’re falling for one of the four most popular spending traps at the grocery store.

If you have trouble seeing the above video, you can view it here: http://kdvr.com/2013/03/08/how-brand-loyalty-could-hurt-you-at-the-grocery-store/

Check out my recent Good Day Colorado segment above for all the details on what to watch out for and for my tips on how you can avoid these costly traps.

What other spending traps have you fallen victim to in the past? Let us know in the comments section!


  1. says

    Agreed Hazel. I will be trying again at the KS after the PR person contacted me about the issue I had. I do appreciate the follow up and Jennie you supporting us couponers and advocating for us. I have many times said– “well then I don’t want the item”, “could you please take it off.”.. At Albertsons especially when I’ve missed a limit until after I was through the register and got zinged for the full price-I’ve taken it to the Customer Service Desk and asked to return the items– I’ve gotten the sale price for all that I bought. I think one of the biggest traps is stopping after you get rung up and checking the prices on your reciept– or to be preventative figure approximately what the end price should be, so if it is higher you can check it right there. Many many times I’ve gotten zinged on items that were on sale–but I didn’t get the sale price.

  2. Hazel says

    After reading a few of the recent comments under the KS heading, I think a wacky type of spending trap is having register people that don’t really know coupon policies, operate the scanner or decide to make up their own and refuse coupons, when they run into a problem of beepage.

    Being able to tell the register person to void the item / items is a major plus – rather than letting it just go through and paying the price. (Also remembering to get the coupon back from the registerista, ha!)

    Sometimes when ya say (kindly) “well then I’d like you to void all the items and return the coupons”, they’ll make a little more effort on the coupon since a lot of times it’s easier than voiding a bunch of things.

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