Albertsons Market Thanksgiving Deals 11/14-11/22!

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Here are your Albertsons Market Thanksgiving deals that start on November 14th and run through November 22nd. Just like the other Colorado grocery stores this week, Albertsons Market will be running their ad through Thanksgiving, so you’ll have a few extra days to pick up some of these awesome deals.

Albertsons Market will be doubling coupons this week, so there are some extra opportunities for some bonus savings. :)

Did you spot a deal that isn’t’ included below? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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Turkey Price Guarantee
Albertsons will match the price on their Honeysuckle Grade A White Frozen Turkey to the lowest advertised price offered by King Soopers or Save through Thanksgiving Day (November 22nd). Limit one turkey per customer per transaction.

Honeysuckle White Turkey Breast, Bone-in, Frozen $1.77/lb
-.55 MQ (8/19 RP) *expires 11/18

Jennie-O Fresh Turkey Breast, Bone-in $2.99/lb D+

Jennie-O Whole Turkey 12-22lb $1.69/lb C

Butterball Whole Turkey 12-22lb $1.99/lb
$3 off wyb (1) Butterball Turkey + 4 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Green Giant Veg., or Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes or MQ (10/4/SS)

*I’ll also be comparing turkey prices in a few weeks as part of the 2012 Thanksgiving Meal Deal Round-up! :)

Cook’s Shank Portion Hams, Bone-in $1.47/lb C+

Spiral Sliced Half-Ham, Bone-in $1.87/lb B

American Chef Whole Hams, Boneless Buy One at $19.99, Get One Free

Standing Rib Roast, Hand Carved, Bone-in $6.99/lb D+

Pork Loin Roast, Boneless $1.99/lb B+

Leg of Lamb, Bone-in $6.99/lb ?

Tyson Game Hens, Twin Pack – Frozen $7 each ?

Boneless Petite Sirloin Steak Buy One at $8.99/lb, Get One Free
=$4.50/lb D-

Boneless Cross Rib or Bottom Round Roast Buy One at $5.99/lb, Get One Free
=$3/lb C-

Boneless Sirloin Tip or Eye of Round Roast Buy One at $6.99, Get One Free
=$3.50/lb C+

Pork Boneless Loin Chops Buy One at $6.99/lb, Get One Free
=$3.50/lb C

Pork Shoulder Roast $1.99/lb D+

Assorted Pork Loin Chops, Bone-in $1.99/lb B+

85% Lean Ground Beef, 3lbs of more $2.77/lb C-

Raw Shrimp 26-30ct $4.99/lb C+

Cold Water Lobster Tails 3oz $4.99 C

Farmer John Bacon 12oz $1.99 A-

Double Smoked Bacon, Original or Peppered $3.99/lb C


Russet Potatoes 15lb Bag $1.99 A

Green Giant Fresh Green Beans 12oz $2.50 D-

Clementine Tangerines 3lb $3.99 C-

Fresh Herbs .66oz $1.99 C-

Broccoli Crowns $1.29/lb D+

Cauliflower $1.29/lb C

Fuji Apples .99/lb C

Mini Carrots 1lb $1.50 D

Avocados $1.99 each F

Celery .89/lb C

Yellow or White Onions .79/lb C-

Red or Golden Yams .99/lb C

Navel Oranges $1.29/lb D-


Lay’s Potato Chips 10-10.5oz $1.99 B-

Simply 100% Juice 59oz $2.50 B

McCormick Spices .12-9.25oz 50% off

Thomas’ Muffins 6ct $1.99 B

Sara Lee Dinner Rolls 12ct $1.99 C

Soft & Smooth Whole Grain White or Honey Wheat Bread 20oz $1.99 C+

Early California Pitted Ripe Olives 6oz $1.25 B-

Crosse & Blackweell Seafood Sauce 12oz $1.50 B

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce 14oz $1.50 C+

Libby’s Pumpkin 15oz $1.50
-$1/4 wyb (2) 15oz Pumpkin Cans and (2) 12oz Carnation Evaporated Milk MQ (10/28 RP)

Swanson Broth 14oz .79
-.40/5 MQ (11/4 SS) *regional value
=.63 each wyb 5 B

Swanson Broth 32oz $2
-$1/2 Swanson Broth Coupon or .40/3 MQ (11/4 SS) *regional value
=$1.50 each at best wyb 2 B

Bruce’s Yams or Princella Cut Sweet Potatoes 29oz $1.50 A

Del Monte Vegetables 13.5-15.25oz .88
-.50/4 Del Monte Green Beans Coupon
=.63 each wyb 4 C

French’s French Fried Onions 6oz $2.99
-$1 MQ (11/4 SS) or .50 French’s French Fried Onions Coupon
=$1.99 B-

Fritos or Cheetos 9-10.5oz $1.99 C+

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix 8ct $1.25 C
*There is a coupon in the 10/21 SS insert, but it is for Canisters of Swiss Miss. :(

Nestle Toll House Morsels 10-12oz $2.50
-.50 Nestle Morsels Coupon (sign-up required) or .50 MQ (9/9 RP) or $1/3 MQ (11/4 SS) *regional value
=$1.50 B

Eagle Brand Condensed Milk 14oz $2.50
-$1/2 MQ (11/5 RP) *regional value
=$2 C

C&H Granulated Cane Sugar 4lbs $2.99
-.75/2 MQ (11/4 RP) *regional coupon
=$2.49 each C

C&H Powdered or Brown Sugar 2lbs $2
-.75/2 MQ (11/4 RP)
=$1.50 each A

Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider or Juice 25.4oz $2.50 C+

Wish-Bone Salad Dressing 16oz $1.49 C

Best Foods or Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 22-30oz $2.99
-$1 MQ (11/11 RP)
=$1.99 for Hellman’s B

Essential Everyday Gravy Mix .75-1oz .33 C+

General Mills Chex Cereal 12.8-14oz $1.99 each wyb 3
-$1.10/2 Chex Mix Coupon or HERE or HERE or $1/2 Chex Coupon or $1/2 MQ (11/11 SS) or $1/3 MQ (11/4 SS)

Heinz Home Style Gravy 12oz $1 A-

Stove Top Stuffing Mix 6oz $1 B

Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom or Chicken Soup 10.75oz $1
-.40/3 Campbell’s Condensed Soup Coupon or $1/5 Campbell’s Condensed Soup Coupon or .35/4 MQ (11/4 SS) or $1/5 MQ (10/7 SS) *regional value
=.73 each at best C+

Pillsbury Golden Layers Biscuits 12oz $1 B

Mt. Olive Specialty Peppers 12oz $1 B

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes 3.7-6.6oz $1
-.50/2 Betty Crocker Coupon or .50/2 MQ (10/7 GM)
=.50 A-

Jet Puffed Marshmallows 10-10.5oz $1 B
*If you still have the printable coupon that we posted about last week this will be an even better deal for you. Unfortunately it is no longer available.

Seasons Salad Dressing Mix .6oz $1 C

Lipton Onion Soup 2oz $1
-.75/2 MQ (11/11 RP) *if included in the sale
=.50 each at best A-

Nabisco Snack Crackers 5.5-10oz $1.99
-.75/2 MQ (11/11 SS) *regional value
=$1.49 each B

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail 64oz $1.99
-$1 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Coupon
=.99 A-

Maxwell House Wake Up Roast 30.65oz, Dunkin Donuts 11-12oz, Starbucks K-Cups 10ct or Coffee 11-12oz $5.99
-$1 Dunkin Donuts MQ (10/28 RP)  or $3/2 Starbucks Coupon or $3/2 Starbucks MQ (10/7 SS)
=$4.49 each at best A-

Arrowhead Spring Water 24pk, 16.9oz $3.33 C

7-UP 2 Liters $1 C

Free Butter Promotion

Purchase 6 participating General Mills Products and get Essential Everyday Butter, 1lb quarters for Free. There is a limit of one reward per transaction.

Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix 15.25oz $1.50 B-

Progresso Broth 32oz $1.50 B

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with Sauce 12oz $1.50
-.50/2 MQ (10/28 SS or 11/11 SS)
=$1 each B+

Green Giant Valley Fresh Seasoned Steamers 11.8oz $1.50
-.50/2 MQ (10/28 SS or 11/11 SS)
=$1 each B+

Bisquick Shake ‘n Pour Mix 10.6oz $2
-.50 Bisquick Coupon or .60 Bisquick Coupon
=$1 A

Progresso Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs 8oz $2 C

Betty Crocker Frosting 12-16oz $2 C

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel 6pk $2
-.50/2 MQ (9/9 SS or 107 GM)
= $1.50 C+

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 16.3oz $1.50
-.50/3 Pillsbury Grands Coupon (sign-up required) or HERE or HERE or $1/3 Grands MQ (11/4 SS) *regional value or .40/3 Grands MQ (11/11 SS) *regional value
=$1.16 each B+

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 8oz $2
-.50/2 Pillsbury Crescent Coupon
=$1.50 each B+

Pillsbury Cinnamon or Orange Sweet Rolls 12.4-13.9oz $2
-.50/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Coupon (sign-up required) or HERE or HERE or .60/3 Pillsbury Sweet Roll Coupon or $1/3 Sweet Roll MQ (10/7 GM, 11/4 SS or 11/11 SS) *regional value
=$1.50 B+

Gold Medal Flour 4.25-5lbs $2.50
-.25 Gold Medal Coupon
=$2 B

Pillsbury Rolled Pie Crusts 2ct $2.50
-.60/2 Pillsbury Pie Crust Coupon (sign-up required) or HERE or HERE or .50/2 Pillsbury Pie Crust Coupon or .50/2 MQ (11/11 SS)
=$2 C+

Betty Crocker Muffin or Supreme Brownies Mix 15.5-18.9oz $2.50
-.50 Betty Crocker Muffins Coupon or .60 Betty Crocker Muffins Coupon
=$1.50 A-


Challenge Butter 1lb Quarters $2.50
-.55 Challenge Dairy Coupon or Challenge Dairy Coupon
=$1.50 A

Albertsons Whipping Cream 16oz $2 B

Albertsons Large Eggs 18ct $1.77 (Limit 2) B

Essential Everyday Cream Cheese 8oz $1 B

Daisy Sour Cream 8oz $1 B

Cool Whip Topping 8oz $1 B


Sara Lee Oven Fresh Pies 27-37oz $2.50
-$1 MQ (11/4 RP)
=$1.50! A

Breyers Products 48oz $2.49 B

PictSweet All Natural Vegetables 14-16oz .88  B+

Personal Care

Blistex Lip Balm .15-.25oz $1
-$1/2 MQ (11/11 SS)
=.50 each A-

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