Amazon: Countdown to Black Friday Daily Lightening Deals!

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Hopefully you have all been keeping an eye on the Amazon Lightening Deal Round-ups that we have started posted, and have been snagging some great deals! Well Amazon is now having a big countdown to Black Friday event with even more special lightening deals, which will have products from many different departments, not just the toy deals that we have been highlighting this week.

Here is just a small example of some of the deals that you will find each day as Amazon counts down to Black Friday:

 As you can see there are some great discounts to be had from a wide array of departments…everything from electronics to balsamic cooking glaze! You name it and Amazon might just have a lightening deal coming up for it. 😉

We will try our hardest to keep you updated on the very best count down to Black Friday deals that we see each day, much like the Toy deals we have been sharing with you.

Please do keep in mind that they are sometimes literally gone in a matter of seconds if they are for a very popular item, so you will need to be very quick at times!

For all you night owls, you might even consider checking back at midnight when sometimes Amazon gives us a sneak peek at which deals will be coming up that day.

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