Best Buy Student Mobile Plan: FREE Talk, Text and Data for 1-Year!

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The expense of cell phone service can add stress to any tight budget, but it can be especially difficult to afford for students. I remember while I was in school how badly I wanted a my first mobile phone like “all the cool kids”, but there were also many other items that took priority. Thankfully my Mom eventually caved to my constant nagging one Christmas so my social life was not completely destroyed. 😉


This year there is an awesome program that will help both students and parents to make cell phone service affordable! Sprint and Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores have partnered to provide an amazing offer to students! With the purchase of an approved smart phone, students will be eligible for one year of free talk/text AND one gig of data. Here is everything that is included:

• Unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for smartphones (Reg. $70/mo.), or
• Unlimited talk, text and blocked data for basic phones (Reg. $50/mo.)
• Easily add unlimited data for just $10/mo.
• All lines can enjoy unlimited talk, text and data while on the Sprint network with the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee — not just for now, but for life

Samsung is also sweetening the deal by providing a smart phone offer on their GS4 Mini for only $349.99! How awesome is that? Free talk, text, data and an awesome phone deal!

Believe it or not, it actually gets better than that! Add a new phone line on the Unlimited, My Way or My All-in plan to the same account at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores, and the account gets an additional 12 months of free service for the student lines to share!

This awesome offer is available in Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores for a limited time only. Head on over here for all the details!

*Student Line Requirements: Must be an active student enrolled in a U.S.-based elementary, middle school, high school, college, university or accredited institute. Student phone must be purchased at Student Activated Price and activated on an Unlimited, My Way plan, and Account holder must provide proof of student eligibility.


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    I also found out that they are offering great credit terms for the expense of the phone if you can’t afford it all up front. Pretty cool! #client

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