Bed Bath and Beyond Price Match Policy!

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I’ve heard rumblings about the Bed Bath and Beyond Price Match Policy and the possibility of them matching Amazon’s prices over the past couple of days, so I sent them an e-mail to see if that was in fact the case. I’m very happy to share the response that I received from their Public Relations Manager:

Yes, Bed Bath & Beyond has a price match policy. We will gladly match a direct competitors’ price including online competitors, on an identical item with certain exceptions. Exceptions include clearance and discontinued products.

My response….Um? Exciting!!!! The fact that they will match online competitors is really really awesome! How many of you will be shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond this season due to this policy?


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  1. Michael says

    I found out today at the North Vancouver Bed Bath and Beyond store that they will not honor the 20% coupon in combination with a price match.
    I was shopping for an Omega VRT400HDS juicer.
    The Juicer is $469.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is CDN$428.00 at, CAD$429.00 at, CAD$429.00 at, CAD$428.95 at, CAD$429.95 at Sears…
    So the 20% off would be a great bargain if it was based on the average price of the juicer on the market, Not the inflated price at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  2. says

    If you have a Discover card, use the card to accumulate rewards (enrolling in the 5% bonus rewards every quarter) then pay it off at the end month. For every $20 in Discover rewards, you can get a $25 BBB gift card. Use your gift cards, along with price matching AND the 20% off coupon and get some amazing gifts!!! (Or a killer deal on a KitchenAid for yourself!) 😎

  3. Renee says

    Just an FYI….I actually worked at BBB for 3 years. It all depends on the BBB store how flexible they are. When I worked there (which wasn’t too long ago), we would be able to verify most price matches by looking on-line. It would be helpful to print out what you had seen and bring it in though. Our store, which was the one in Cherry Creak, would allow the 20% coupon on top of the price match making it an even better deal!!!! Also, if they don’t work with you, or are being a stickler, ask to talk to a keyholder. BBB wants and NEEDS your business and they are incredibly accommodating to their customers. If you tell them that you will just purchase the same product else where, they will work with you. It is such an awesome store to shop at!!!!

  4. JoAnn says

    What I have understood in the past about their online price match is that it can come from actually stores. For example,,,, etc… They have not accepted online price match from or because they are not actual stores. When price matching it had to be the very exact item, model number, etc… If I remember right in the past you could still use the 20% off coupon too, but that might have changed due to stores tightening their store policies.

  5. says

    They do not accept they consider that a 3rd party vendor and do not accept it. You need to email them back and ask what online vendor you are referring to. I have took there before and was told no. So I called customer service and was told the same things.

  6. Morgan S. says

    That is great! I would definitely like to see the policy written out… I’m curious how they will verify the online price.

    • says

      My local store has done this for a while now, I thought everyone knew this. I always price-match in the baby dept and the manager there pulls out his iphone and uses some special app that matches prices across a variety of sites and gives me the lowest price he finds. Sometimes he finds one lower than I came in with!

  7. Linda says

    So do you understand this to mean that they will price match an online price IN their store (not just on their online website)? Thanks, Jennie.

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