Black Friday Giveaway Blitz 11AM: Waring Professional Belgian Waffle Maker ($130 retail value)!

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Didn’t win anything yet? Don’t worry! We are just getting heated up with the Black Friday Giveaway Blitz! This hour’s giveaway is one of my very favorite: Waring Professional Belgian Waffle Maker ($130 retail value)!

As a reminder, here is how these giveaways work:

Each hour starting at 6:00am MT and running through 6:00pm MT today (Friday, November 23rd) we will announce a new giveaway. You will then have exactly one hour to enter and then I will select a winner. The selected winner will then have exactly one hour to e-mail me to claim their prize!

Here is how you can enter to win your very own Waring Professional Belgian Waffle Maker:

1. Tell what your favorite winter breakfast item is…and if you had pumpkin pie for breakfast  today (like I did) – that is just fine too!



2. Become a Bargain Blessings Daily Deal E-mail subscriber. Leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.
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Remember, I will be selecting the winner at 12:00pm MT and the winner will then have exactly one hour (until 1:00pm MT) to claim their Waffle Maker so don’t forget to check back!

*This giveaway is sponsored by Bargain Blessings…because we love you all that much. ;) Happy Black Friday and make sure to check out all the deals we are posting for you today!
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Here is


  1. Jenn S. says

    We love pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, and we might just have to find a recipe for pumpkin waffles!!!

  2. JoDi Gove says

    I love making gluten free cinnamon sugar waffles for myself and my kids, best way to wake up on chilli fall mornings!

  3. Sandra Minker says

    My favorite winter breakfast is pumpkin granola with diced pear and almond milk. Delicious and healthy! I’m already a bargain blessings daily email subscriber. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. frank preston says

    French Toast , Waffles, instead of syrup with corn starch we use agave nectar as a topping. Fresh oatmeal. And there is always a plate of Pillsbury orange sweet rolls on the table at least once a week

    Have a great day


  5. Kristy H says

    I love pancakes or waffles! I love to make them differnt ways blueberry, chocolate chip, carrot cake, and just plain! I always add a splash of almond extract to the batter wich give it such a yummy flavor! I’m already an email subscriber, and so thankful for all your hard work!

  6. Anna Marie says

    If I’m being good, I eat fat-free greek yogurt with honey and granola for breakfast. For a treat, I love bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns!

  7. Jarrett Roberts says

    My favorite breakfast is soylent green and bacon, and no pumpkin pie this morning, but I have been up since 3:30 am chasing some of your featured items, I also had the free breakfast at Park Meadows and finished with a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream… :)

  8. Sharon says

    Pumpkin Pie!
    It’s kinda like my Welches grape juice addiction….. :-)

    Oh and by the way, Sams Club has the best store bought Pumpkin Pie in the world!

  9. Micah says

    My favorite breakfast all the time is any kind of skillet…preferably with bacon, tomato, homefries, peppers, onions and cheese or a sauce..gravy or otherwise..mmmm The rest of my family loves waffles…I am already a email subscriber.

  10. Amanda says

    No pumpkin pie this morning. It was all gone before I got to it. Boo! Favorite breakfast item: cinnamon eggnog waffles with eggnog from Longmont Dairy Farm in Longmont, Colorado. To die for!!!!

  11. Pam Gibbs says

    My favorite breakfast item is Cinnamon Raisin Bagels w/ hazelnut coffee! :)
    Bummer, no pumkin pie at our home, so no not any for breakfast –
    But we did have ham & cheese omlets made by my super duper wonderful hubby!!

  12. Harmony says

    I love having breakfast burritos for breakfast in the winter. Full of whatever I have leftover and mixed all together is the best.

  13. athena d. says

    oh yeah, i would DEFINITELY eat pumpkin pie for breakfast if there were any left lol :)
    but the sound of pumpkin waffles sounds yummy too
    i loooove breakfast

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