Clarifications to King Soopers Coupon Policy + $200 Gift Card Giveaway!

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Update: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Alright everyone…I’ve been working with King Soopers to get some clarifications on their new coupon policy that was released last week! I think you’ll be very excited about the results. They really are trying to work with us couponers here and value us shopping in their stores. Here are the clarifications to the policy from King Soopers. (My comments are marked with the “*”)

Manufacturer Coupons
Limit of 5 manufacturer coupons means 5 coupons per like product UPC/or the exact same product- same size, same flavor, same everything- limit of 5. This rule is per customer, per day.
*Yes…this means that if you buy five chocolate Luna Bars and five vanilla…you can use 10 of the same exact coupon! Make sure to note that this is a limit that is applied per day…not per transaction.

Internet Coupons
Limit of 5 internet coupons per like product UPC/or the exact same product. This rule is per customer, per day. The reason we limit these is due to the increase in fraud on these coupons. Internet coupons will not be accepted if they are blurry, out of proportion, do not scan properly, if they appear to be altered.“Free item” internet coupons will be accepted if all criteria on the coupon have been met.
*Yes…they are breaking out internet printables and allowing us to use five MORE of those! This really brings the limit up to 10…now is that awesome or what?!?

Digital Coupons
Digital coupons are great for convenience; however, there are a few things to know about them. If you have digital coupons loaded on your Loyalty card, it will always take these coupons off first. You cannot combine a digital coupon with any other coupon. We cannot remove a digital coupon from your Loyalty card once it is loaded. Digital coupons will not double.

Doubling Coupons

Yes, King Soopers and City Market stores still double coupons!

Coupons will still double up to $1.00 when your Loyalty Card is scanned. This rule has not changed (.50 coupon doubles to $1.00 off or .75 doubles to $1.00 off)

The follow coupons will NOT double:
Electronic Coupons
Store Coupons
Catalina Coupons
Free Coupons
Items prohibited by law

I very highly suggest printing these clarifications keeping them in your coupon binder along with the official policy. I know that it is not as good as having them written right into the policy, but for now this should really help to explain some of the questions you had last week!

Like I said above, King Soopers really values our loyalty. They have generously provided me with (4) $50 Gift Cards (that can be used at any Kroger affiliate store) to four Bargain Blessings Readers! Here is how you can enter:

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Please make sure to leave a separate comment on this post for each entry method you complete. E-mailing me and Facebook comments do not count as valid entries. The winner will be selected on Friday, November 4th at Noon.


  1. says

    I already like your page on face book so I’m leaving a comment for that. The clarifications are great! I love King Soopers but their coupon policy was confusing. Thanks for effort to make things easier.

  2. Christina says

    If you download the king soopers app on your iPhone, you can now remove the coupons from your card. It takes only a few minutes for the coupon you have on your card to be removed. This will help if you have a manufacturer coupon that is worth more when doubled.

  3. Kortney says

    I love that there are more specifications on their policies, but I would love a better corporate policy so it doesn’t turn into a “he said, she said” issue at the register. Thanks for the initiative to get more clarification on the rules! Huge help! :)

  4. Shawna F says

    I have become a fan on facebook and subscribed to your daily emails. I am very glad to have clarification on the coupon policy for King Soopers!

  5. says

    I think that the new coupon policy is an improvement because more things are clear than before. I appreciate that corporate is trying to do the best for those (us) who shop with coupons!

  6. amy pace says

    I am very thankful for the Kroger update…very clear, much needed for my Kroger’s…I will enjoy shopping there more. Thanks!!!

  7. Lisa says

    I love King Soopers because they work WITH shoppers, not against them, and they’re very clear, and fair, about coupon use. They don’t frown or make negative comments when you want to use a coupon. They don’t act like you’re a cheapskate—they make you feel smart for knowing how to get the best deal. Thank you, King Soopers!

  8. Colleen H. says

    I think this is a great coupon policy and I also think it’s great that they are trying their best to work with their customers! They must know how important customers are to their business!!

  9. Brittaney says

    Liked you on FB and signed up for emails. So excited about the KS policy it will help me get a better deal on the items that I need. Thanks for the clarification on their policy!

  10. Vanessa says

    I think that the new Kroger/King Soopers policy is fair. It makes sure that there is enough for everyone and I like that. Thank you so much for clarifying this for us Jennie! :)

  11. Ann says

    I like this new policy! Although the last couple of times I went to kings none of the employees knew anything about it! (both said they didn’t care how many coupons I used…)

  12. Tamara Klein says

    Thank you for the clarification of the rules, I do not think they are out of line. I will print it out and have it with me at all times, thank you

  13. Cindy says

    I like the new policy, especially considering the Kings I usually go to will only let me use 4 “like” coupons per visit. So this is fine with me :)

  14. Amanda H says

    The coupon policy is not too bad at all. It gives explanation and is very clear (understandable). I do enjoy King Soopers a lot, they can have some amazing deals! Thanks for all the great tips, useful ideas, and your hard work! May God bless you!

  15. Tanya Boggs says

    I also receive your daily deals email!!! I can’t wait til it arrives everyday to check out all the fabulous deals you find for us!!!!!! Thanx!

  16. Tanya Boggs says

    Thank you for the clarification on the coupon policy at Kings! I shop there the most and this will make for some awesome savings!

  17. Jen says

    Unfortunately I’ve known about the taking the digital coupon first the hard way. I had a “free coupon” for cereal, but already had a digital cereal coupon so it deducted that first and wouldn’t let me use my free. Grr. But I do love the 5 coupon rule. I have no problems with that.

  18. Emily Baker says

    Hi. Thanks for the info. I’m still confused though. I don’t understand how the new internet coupon policy makes it so we can use 10 coupons (per your comment).

  19. Jen says

    Since I’m not to the point of having a stockpile ( and can’t because I’m moving a couple times a year) King Sooper’s coupon policy doesn’t affect me much.

    But I can sympathize with those it will affect. I guess it just means more transactions!

  20. Shanna says

    I agree with many of the posts above, and understand KS new policy. I look for discounts and coupons to save for our family. It is not to clear shelves. I understand buying in bulk and storing, but unfortunately some people go a bit overboard. I love your site and use it daily to plan my shopping for the week. Thanks for all the updates and great advice. I follow in FB and daily emails as well.

  21. Brittany says

    Excited that they’ve given us a more clear-cut coupon policy. Thank you for all of your efforts! We appreciate you!

  22. Sarah says

    I think the new coupon policy has some perks and some let downs! sometimes I really liked to be able to just do more transactions to make it work out but the ability to use more coupons overall in one transaction!! Overall I am excited!
    I am also a facebook fan!

  23. Sandi Greeno says

    I am so happy you posted the new coupon policy for all of us. THANK YOU!!! I am also grateful that you gave the example that we could buy 5 chocolate AND 5 Vanilla luna bars.
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  24. Lori says

    I just recently went to buy the schlick razors at king soopers and the clerk was told that you could not use the coupon on the free BOGOF with the store, the coupons could only be used on the ones that you buy not the free ones. Is this what the new coupon policy is saying?

  25. Sherie Wren says

    New coupon policy holds no surprises to me…I don’t “extreme” coupon anyway so I’m lucky to have more than 2 similar coupons at any given time!
    I’m also a FB fan, but when I tried to sign up for your daily updates I was taken (3 times) to “Page Not Found”. I’ll try again tomorrow to sign up for daily email updates!

  26. Alicia W says

    FB follower and LOVE King Soopers. We always save money there and will more now w/ this policy. I had no idea they were doing it! Thanks for getting the “low down” on it and sharing.

  27. Rebecca says

    The new coupon policy seems reasonable.
    As far as the Kings employees are concerned we need to remember that they are people doing a job and it is always best to show them grace and kindness even if it is irritating to us because we are on strict budgets. :0)

  28. Tahnee says

    THANK YOU for the clarification on the new policy and great news for new-bie coupon ladies such as myself. Not only “liked” you on Facebook (username: Missy Nonsense)… but LOVED!!!

  29. Michele Schiavone says

    I’m glad KS clarified its coupon policy and everything sounds fair. However, I wish the company would bring back it’s 5 cent bag credit for customers who choose to be green & use reusable bags at the checkout!

  30. Kristen Nelson says

    I think the KS coupon policy seems great – but miss the days when you could use both digital and manufacturer coupons!

  31. Nicki Eaton says

    I like the new coupon policy at Kings…. I am hoping it works well for my family as I only get 4 papers a week. I am already a Facebook Fan (love your Fan Page by the way ;-)) and I also already get your daily newsletter. Thank you for all your hard work you put into this site! Many thanks, Nicki Eaton

  32. Melissa says

    Ever since going to your coupon class I follow your site daily. After liking Bargain Blessings on Facebook I am always seeing new Christmas gift ideas. Thank you so much for all the work you put into your site daily. I am excited about the updated King Soopers coupon policy. I think it is fair considering the high number of couponers these days :) Thanks again I always look forward to getting your daily updates on my email.

  33. Lindsay F. says

    I think this is much better than the previous policy of no more than 3 like coupons. I am a little disappointed that part of the new policy is for each day, but I’ll take what we can get and thankful they are willing to work with those who coupn.

  34. chantal cooper says

    i love that it is more clear now

    chantal cooper
    chantalgiardina (at)yahoo(dot)com

  35. Jenn says

    I subscribed to your email as well.

    I must say I am so happy I found your blog! I do 99% of my shopping at King Soopers.

    I have a question for you, and please forgive me if you’ve already answered this (I tried searching through the comments, but I didn’t see my answer), but do you know how to get the King Soopers store coupons? I’ve only seen them a couple times laying next to products that other gracious couponers have left behind. I can not for the life of me figure out how or even where to find them.

  36. AnnMarie says

    Thank you for clarifying the loyality card coupons vs. manuf. My sister and I were debating it with a clerk. Glad to know the rules.

  37. Stephanee Trujillo says

    Thank you for clarifying the policy. I usually mix/match like products (easy example Tostino’s Pizza) during their 10 for 10 sales, so I don’t feel like this will be a hard follow…as long as I can use more or about the same amount of my coupons I’m happy! I am already on Facebook and an email subscriber!

  38. Shawna says

    Some of the coupons already say that there is a limit of 4 like coupons in the same shopping trip so I assume in that case, you can use only 4 instead of 5. The ones that don’t have any number restrictions would be the only ones that you could use up to 5 like coupons.

    Also, how can you print more than 2 online coupons without going to a different computer?

  39. Kayleen says

    I am glad of the clarifications on the update KS coupon policy, I just hope that all store managers will follow them, I also hope KS will clarify their double coupon policy whether ‘coupons that said do not double’, will they still double it, as someone informed me before, that double coupon is actually paid by KS themselves and not manufacturers.

  40. Amy W says

    I like the new coupon policy. Hopefully it will leave some items/deals on the shelves for those of us who can’t get there before the store opens :)

  41. Katrina says

    I love that we can use 5 coupons now. It will make it easier to get some of the catalina deals that require you to buy 4 items.

  42. Danielle Roe says

    Well considering the lack of coupon policy before, I just appreciate having something in writing. Overall it seems pretty great to me! At one point I was trying to have them scan my coupons before I’d scan my sooper card to avoid the lower value card coupons being deducted first, but now they won’t scan coupons until my sooper card is scanned, so I’m just careful about what I load on my sc. Also, I was worried about using more than 3 like coupons for like items before, so really the 5 per like item is a huge break for me! Thanks for getting all of these clarifications for us!

  43. says

    I think this policy sounds good, but I always have a hard time remembering which coupons have been loaded onto my card. I’ve never had them refuse a paper coupon though because there was already one on my card, so I guess I’ve been lucky!

  44. Gina says

    I am much happier with the new coupon policy. I had a problem with the limit 3 like coupons when they had their buy 10 events.

  45. Teresa C says

    I am very pleased with the new changes to the King Soopers coupon policy. 5 mq’s per like item UPC is much better than the 3 I have been limited to at my stores. I’m also glad that the limit is per day instead of per transaction, because this can hopefully put a stop to shelf clearing.

  46. Julie says

    I like the new coupon policy, I just wish the checkers would understand the rules, too. It is very frustrating when they take your coupons to a “list” to see if they are fraudulent and then “let you have it” as if doing you a huge favor. Most of us are honest and ethically follow the rules… Thanks for the clarification!

  47. Mommy Kane says

    And of course I get your daily email updates!! :) :) Do you need to know the email to verify? Should have asked that one several giveaways ago I suppose :)

  48. Mommy Kane says

    Wow Jennie! Thanks for the update. I have noticed lately my Kings and Safeway have been more relaxed with 4 MQ’s (which really helps when I have 4 coupons, and in trying to get catalina’s that require 4 items). I am very excited to see this. I think it lets us all stock up, in one trip, and not clear the shelves!

  49. Irene says

    Hi and thanks for the info you made it very understandable! I’m happy king soopers has something like this so I can have a few items after others get a few too!

  50. Bobbie Jo says

    Thank you for going through the trouble to get us all the right information for the policy. I am new to couponing so this information came at a great time for me. It sounds resonable and fair for the store and the couponer! Thanks again

  51. cheryl neville says

    I think that King soopers coupoon policy is even better than before. I don’t mind that it is per day, I think that allows for other people to get a sale product without other people being able to hog everything, it’s really great to see that they’re working with us couponers. I enjoy shopping at King Soopers, It’s were we always shop now. Cheryl Neville

  52. cheryl neville says

    I have subscribed for the daily email which I think is awesome, don’t know why I haven’t looked for that before,hehe, Thank you

  53. says

    We can actually THANK TLC for this one. The show profiled a KS shopper who was using a TON of multiple coupons for overage and then was given a gift card for the balance of over $100. YEAH RIGHT!!! So at least this caused KS to make it a little more fair for the shopper. I wish that show would go away. Thank you so much Jennie! You are the best.

  54. Stephanie says

    Thanks for all your work getting the policy clarification! It seems like this will be a positive change to help everyone save.

  55. Kathy says

    It is nice to have clarification. Annoying that they have to put limits, but it is understandable with the extreme couponing show. Glad it is now more than 3 because that was ridiculous. I came from UT and Smiths the Kroger affiliate did 5 coupons so I was sticker shocked when I went to the register and they wouldn’t let me use my 4th coupon.

  56. Brooke Hinckley says

    I’m really excited that they’re working with us couponers. The changes are very reasonable and exciting!

  57. Thea Martinez says

    I like you on facebook. Also, I’m excited but also a little sad the shelves at my local king soopers will be cleared even sooner!

  58. Caitlin says

    Since I am so great at ready instructions here is my seperate post for the gift card entry :) I ‘like’ you on Facebook

  59. Heather says

    I also subscribed to your daily emails. I love it because I get it sent to my phone and it allows me to look at deals in one spot while I’m at work.

    Thanks for all the hard work you do for all of us couponers everyday.


  60. couponle06 says

    This new policy actually makes it easier for me to use coupons…I used to just use 3 like coupons, now I can use 10 or more as long as the product is slightly different! Great news!

  61. Caitlin says

    I’m new to the couponing world so I appreciate the policy clarification. I think the 5 coupon limit is reasonable. I also ‘like’ you on Facebook. Thanks!

  62. Heather says

    I think the policy is reasonable. Thank you for following up for all of us.

    I liked Bargin Blessings on Facebook.


  63. Lisa P says

    and now I will receive your daily email, thanks again–Lisa ps hope to get one of your gift cards I tell so many people about your website over here on the western slope of CO.

  64. Lorie says

    I think the new coupon policy is fair since they double the coupons. I’m glad for the clarification because I have been confused by their coupon policy for a while.

  65. Chrissy Pham says

    I’m so relieved that the coupon change is really for the better. Some of the wording they put together worried me, so thank you for the clarifications!!! I’m def going to print this and spread the word :)

  66. Lisa P says

    Thanks for clearing their policy, very happy they increased the limit to 5 instead of 3. Also want to thank you for all the time you put in this to help us to save money, only been doing it since February but save a bunch. Have you done any more with the Colorado only blog site? Thanks again Jennie and may God bless you and your family :-)

  67. Kim C. says

    I like the new changes. My City Market is my favorite place to shop – they’re rarely out of anything, if they are, they’re wonderful with rainchecks. The cashiers are professional, helpful, and friendly, and they double coupons up to $1. The DAY this change came out, I asked my cashier and she already knew all the changes and could clarify for me. I also appreciate that someone from there came here to clarify. Nice customer service. :)

  68. Sharon says

    Ah, the policies…
    Well being a noob at this super couponing I don’t know what it was like before. I look at these policies and my eyes cross trying to remember all of the differences between the stores. I would love to shop Kings more because my daughter has a fundraiser with them for her school, but I have been a Walmart and Target shopper for so long that I imagine it’s gonna take time to learn where everything is and money for my mistakes, because I will most likely have a few ooooopsies before I get it down. I’m hoping that they don’t make any more changes before I learn the ropes! :-)

  69. Torri says

    I’m excited you can use 5 coupons, it was 3 before so I only started with two papers….next time I can try for more!

  70. Caroline says

    I am glad to see the coupon policy outlined a little better. Plus it makes me frustrated to know that there are people knowingly using fraudulent coupons.
    Thanks for the update :)

  71. Danielle Bradley says

    I’m really glad that you explained the new couponing rules for this store. It’s great that someone takes the time to go over the new rules! Thank you! I only wish that they would double the digital coupons, it would save so much time or come out with store coupons! Thanks again! (I’m already signed up for the daily email and the facebook page).

  72. says

    I’ve been a facebook fan since I started couponing. I also get your emails. I know I wouldn’t do as well couponing without your facebook posts and emails. I think King Soopers (City Market over here) did really well with their policy changes. They are trying to keep the couponers happy and trying to ensure there is enough stock to go around. Kudos to them and a huge kudo to you for taking care of us!!!

  73. Jolene says

    I have liked Bargain Blessings on facebook (sorry didn’t see you needed separate comments for each entry method :o) )

  74. Jolene says

    I have liked Bargain Blessings on facebook and have subscribed.
    As for the policy I am very happy with it. This will give everyone a chance to share in the deals. There is no need for greed and I believe this will help cut down on this. I’m confident now that I will be able to pickup a few sale items now each week. I was really starting to get discouraged. Thanks for all the time you put in on this.

  75. Lois says

    I’ve been trying certain things out at King Soopers. I had read that if you wait until the end to scan your Soopercard, then you can do the paper coupons that double before the e-coupons. But if you wait until all the paper coupons are scanned and then do the Sooper card, the paper coupons will not double, the Sooper card must be scanned before the coupons are entered, which means the e-coupons will come off, and I’ve been having lots of problems with that. I will buy 4 of an item, and have an e-coupon for 1, and 3 paper coupons…but once the e-coupon is read, they won’t even let me do the paper ones. I’m all but giving up on e-coupons.

    • says

      That is what I would honestly suggest Lois…only adding eCoupons if you have no other option available for the coupon. Since it is their policy that you cannot stack eCoupons with other MQs there is really no two ways about it…ya just can’t do it. 😉

      • Lois says

        I’ve stopped most of the e-coupons. I had done it for my husband, since he occasionally stops by the store, but our cards are linked, and it’s been a hassle. I would rather get the double coupon savings with the paper coupons. I’m so glad you keep updating us on their policy, it seems like it is changing quite a bit these days.

  76. Cindy says

    I’m a daily subscriber. Thanks for getting the clarification on this. I used 5 coupons today and the checker at the store told me how they had just changed the policy.

  77. Laura says

    I am a fb liker and I am signed up for daily emails and I am glad you got that clarified for us coupon’ers !!! Thanks much!!!

  78. Kristi Sarazen-Salzman says

    I’m happy about the new policy. That means that we can actually use more coupons.

    I’m also a fan on Facebook.

  79. Dori says

    Thank you for posting the clarifications on Kings new policy. It makes it easier to understand, and it isn’t as bad as I thought. I will print it not only for my records, but to show the cashiers so there is no misunderstandings. I would love to be in the running for the gift cards, but I already “like” you on Facebook, and I am already a daily e-mail subscriber.

  80. Holly Simonds says

    I’ve “liked” you on FB and I’ve signed up for your daily deals! I appreciate all you do! It was a great class last week!!

  81. Marianne Yamazaki says

    I’m happy that there is a coupon policy for everyone to follow. Fortunately (unfortunately?) I only purchase at the most 4 of the same item so it doesn’t affect my shopping too much. I appreciate the giveaway, makes me think favorably about King Soopers.

  82. AMY WENGER says

    I like the coupon policy. Can stores make up their own policies though that override this one, like a lower coupon limit? Thanks!

  83. Andrea says

    I think the new policy is “better”, but wish it would allow digital AND manufacture coupons on a single item. Oh well…

  84. Lisa says

    I like that the policies are now clearly stated. Maybe the manager who doesn’t like me will allow me to use more than 3. :)

  85. Megan says

    I’m happy about the new policy – hope it will prevent people from clearing shelves and leave some for the rest of us!

  86. Amy Schick says

    I like facebook.
    Thanks for helping clarify. I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming and love shopping at my local King Soopers.

  87. Cecilia says

    I really like the new 5 coupon limit. It makes it so much easier to work with their mega events that require you to buy 5 or 10 items to get the sale price. This may get me shopping at Kings Soopers more often now.

  88. Angela LaBarbara says

    I think the new coupon policy is fair, I understand that they are just trying to keep the shelves stocked

  89. Celina Ramirez says

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful information!! I don’t know how you keep up! I think the King Soopers policy is to be expected since extreme couponers came to TLC the whole couponing thing has become quite the popular thing. So I am thankful they are still willing and wanting to be apart of coupons and that they see the value in excepting coupons at their stores to help families. Thanks Kings!!
    I am a Bargain Blessing Face Book Fan and have signed up for your Daily Deal E-mail. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOU DO TO HELP US!

  90. Megan says

    I subscribe to your emails too. Thanks for all of your hard work. You are very much appreciated by many, many people.

  91. Melissa G. says

    I think the policy is pretty fair so people don’t get too extreme with their coupons and that they are still willing to take printable coupons for free items even though they may have some reservations about the fraudulent ones out there. I also like that it’s for five like coupons instead of just three. I do appreciate the clarification about UPC versus manufacturer, though.

  92. Megan says

    Thanks for clarification! It’s pretty much what I got from one of the employees there yesterday in Monument. – She’s a couponer too. The 5 coupon limit is soooo much better. I’ve rarely ever had the energy to do multiple transactions with kids with me and often I’ve wanted 4-5 of something so this is much better.

    Am I reading it correctly that you are saying that we can have 5 internet printables per UPC and 5 regular MQs for the same UPC? If so that really is great, since basically it would mean that I really wouldn’t have to worry about limits at all anymore.

  93. Katie H says

    I think this new coupon policy is fair. Thank you for working hard to get some clarification! I am very surprised they take Internet coupons for free items. I was not aware of this previously. This is very generous!

  94. Lynn says

    I have been out of town for a few days visiting family and I saw first hand that in different states they don’t let you double any coupons. We are blessed for sure to get to double our coupons here in Colorado! I am more then happy with the new policy.

  95. Glenda Green says

    I love using coupons & I enjoy shopping at Kroger. Its my primary grocery store to shop at, so it would be nice to win the $50 gift card

  96. Bethany Clark says

    This is great! When you first posted the new policy I was kind of worried – it made it sound like we could only use 5 MQs from the same manufacturer per day.

  97. Missy says

    Such great news…thanks for clarifying! Now I won’t feel like I’m getting the “look over” when using more than 3 like Qs.

  98. Bridget says

    I am happy that there is now a policy. It was strange that one King Soopers would be so strict and another one down the street didn’t care.

  99. Rochelle says

    Thanks for the clarifications on the new coupon policy. So far I’ve never had any issues getting items at King Soopers.

  100. Michelle says

    It’s good to have clarification, but I wish we could use both digital coupons and regular coupons together. Thanks for the info.

  101. Cate says

    I think it is nice to have some clarification on their policy! I like that they bumped it up to 5 coupons instead of the 3 from before!

  102. Julie says

    Love that King Soopers worked with you on the clarificaitons! They really are my favorite store! Would love to win that $50 gift certificate!
    AND…Thank you for doing all that you do to help all of us! You truely are a Blessing. :)

  103. Kimi says

    I don’t usually have more than 5 like coupons, but sometimes I have 3 or 4…so this coupon policy is a great improvement for me! Thanks for updating us on the new policy!

  104. says

    I think the policy change is great. I have a question though: In Western Colorado, our Kroger is “City Market”. They carry the same products, same policies, apparently the same store when it benefits them but they DO NOT honor all the sales; ie milk prices. Do we know if the change is good there too? And yes, please enter me in your drawing! :)

  105. says

    I think the policy change is great. I have a question though: In Western Colorado, our Kroger is “City Market”. They carry the same products, same policies, apparently the same store when it benefits them but they DO NOT honor all the sales; ie milk prices. Do we know if the change is good there too? And yes, please enter me in your drawing! :)

  106. says

    I think the policy change is great. I have a question though: In Western Colorado, our Kroger is “City Market”. They carry the same products, same policies, apparently the same store when it benefits them but they DO NOT honor all the sales; ie milk prices. Do we know if the change is good there too? And yes, please enter me in your drawing! :)

  107. says

    I think the policy change is great. I have a question though: In Western Colorado, our Kroger is “City Market”. They carry the same products, same policies, apparently the same store when it benefits them but they DO NOT honor all the sales; ie milk prices. Do we know if the change is good there too? And yes, please enter me in your drawing! :)

  108. Cynthia says

    I’m excited about the new changes in policy, it will make my shopping trip a little easier being able to get more that 3 items at a time. thanks for the updated info!

  109. Jennifer says

    I am thankful that you received these clarifications. I still do not like the limitations on the internet printed coupons, though. But, oh well. Can’t do much about that.

  110. Sam says

    I love the clarified coupon policy! I will be printing it immediately and adding it to my coupon binder :) Though, my K.S. is wonderful. I rarely have problems.

  111. Christine L. says

    I shop almost exclusively at King Soopers – their customer service and checkers/baggers are super at the Centennial/Fillmore store in C.S. I have been happy with their policies in the past. Glad to see they value their customers in working with you to clarify the new policy – I think it is fine. I am also a Facebook fan and value the work you do on Bargain Blessings! :)

  112. Rachel says

    I’m a facebook fan, email subscriber, and I am so grateful for all the work you’ve put into this. I’m hoping this new policy will ease tensions whenever I show up with coupons at the cash register. I usually like KS and spend vasts amount of money with them, but it was getting hard when the cashiers were not…. desirous… of scanning my coupons.

  113. Sarah says

    Wow! The coupon policy is very generous. Hopefully all the stores’ employees have been notified of the new policy. It would make shopping so much better.

  114. Trisha says

    And I also subscribe to the daily email! And thank you, once again, for all your hard work. You have helped me (and others) save so much money. Blessings to you!

  115. Rachel via Facebook says

    I’m so glad they changed their policy, I was tired of being harassed by employees about using coupons, hopefully this will keep everybody happy and keep things smooth. :) Please enter me into your drawing for the $50 gc. thanks!

  116. Melissa K says

    Thank you so much for clarifying all or this for us Jennie! This new policy really is more of a plus than anything, since it specifically allows us up to 10 different coupons we can use on the same product, vs the stores rule of only 4!

  117. Carrie says

    I think the coupon policy is good, I just hope that you don’t have to fit the clerks because they don’t know their own policy.

  118. Amy D says

    I think the coupon policy is reasonable. Good for them for clarifying. King Soopers is my store of choice. The employees at my local KS are awesome and I have never had a single problem using coupons there. Thanks for all your work, Jennie!

  119. Mandy says

    I like most of it. I just wish it wasn’t per day. With a baby in tote I only get so many grocery shopping trips a week:)

  120. Angela says

    I think the new policy is generous and reasonable given the current coupon environment. Thanks for the clarifications you’ve pursued. We really appreciate it!

  121. Annette Bradshaw says

    I think the new policy is great! I “liked” Bargain Blessings on FB and I am a daily email subscriber. Thanks Jennie! Annette

  122. Dana Johnson says

    I ONLY shop at King Soopers so it’s great to hear that they’re letting us do up to 5/UPC code! (I already receive the daily emails & am a fan on facebook.)

  123. Dawn says

    It makes good business sense not to post harsh limits on coupon numbers…..I’m sure the “nonhoarders” outnumber those who take too much stock, thus aiding in the store’s profit. Blessings to King soopers corporate for this policy update, and to you, Jenny! How you do this and work…I’ll never know!

  124. Mami2jcn says

    I think it’s very helpful that they have clarified the rules. I don’t use Internet coupons but it’s helpful to know they have a limit per day.

  125. DeNeige Darr says

    Thanks for the clarification. I really like the 5 coupon limit because I think it will stop the shelf clearing. This policy is very reasonable and it’s great that they are working with you to help couponers!

  126. Kay Slater says

    This is so awesome! I’m always bummed out when I can’t get back to use all of my coupons on a great deal because I could only use 3. 5 doesn’t sound better, but it is!!!

  127. Lana C. says

    I am a fan on facebook. I was told by our King Soopers in Fort Collins that only 3 like coupons are allowed. Does this mean that their policy may be misunderstood by cashiers? Also, does this mean that I could use 6 of the same coupons if I am purchasing 3 vanilla and 3 chocolate?

    • says

      Lana~ You are correct on both points. King Soopers is working hard to get this word out to their cashiers, but it is new, so it might take a bit of time to sink-in. Your best bet will to bring a copy of this post along with you to the store. And yes…if you are buying 3 vanilla and 3 chocolate you can use 6 of the exact same coupon. :) It goes by product UPC…not by coupon UPC. :)

  128. Amanda says

    I am really happy about the coupon policy clarification. KS is the closest store to my house, so I do prefer shopping there over all other stores. Thank you!!!!

  129. Vicki says

    I am a facebook liker! I am so impressed with Kroger. Our local City Market is amazing. They love couponers and are always willing to work with us. I love the coupon policy, because this actually ups the amount of coupons they are willing to take! And, I am very thankful for all of the clarifications! Kroger will continue to be my grocery store of choice!

  130. Kim says

    I think the coupon policy is fine, I don’t think it is going to affect me anyway. I know they are just trying to reduce fraud.

  131. Jessica says

    I am very happy wth the new coupon plicy. It is reasonable to all who coupon. I have done so for awhile and lately gotten out of hand with people just clearing shelves. I know they mean well but being reasonable is better. And thast what kings is doing. and i am very glad they are doing so. Thanks for all you do. It is very appreciated and helpful since i work two jobs and attend school online since i cant attend witht the two jobs. So this helps when i am in a hurry and you have everything up and ready to go.

  132. Kelly T. says

    The changes sound like they are in the couponers favor to me! Thanks for clarifying King Soopers ever changing policy once again. How would we ever manage with out you Jennie~Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

  133. Mei Ching says

    I think the new coupon policy is a bit relaxed. I have liked you on FB and subscribed for your email.


  134. Christa says

    This is great – KS is my favorite store and I really appreciate that we can use 5 coupons now (possibly even more if we have them!) that’s just fantastic.

  135. analisa says

    By the way I like the new coupon policy! If only the employees were nice to us couponers:( and I like you on facebook and subscribe to your email!

  136. Nate says

    Pretty happy overall with the coupon policy. If I have more than 5 coupons for one item, I suppose I can take the time to go back the next day if the deal is that good! By the way, with your help, I just saved over 60% on my last grocery trip. I’m hooked! Facebook fan and I subscribed to the daily email! Now see if I can’t snag that KS gift card!

  137. Mindy says

    I think the clarification on King Sooper’s coupon policy is helpful. I also think the stores policies are fair.

  138. Heather B says

    I am fine with the new coupon policy, I think it’s very reasonable and they need to have these policies in place to protect consumers as well as manufacturers.

  139. Darcie C says

    I am ok with the coupon policy. I don’t normally have more than a couple of coupons for an item so it doesn’t really affect me too much.

  140. Acacia says

    I have been a fan on facebook for a while now. I also subscribe to your mailings. I think the King Sooper Coupon policy is fine. I’m happy that I now understand it. I never have five of the same coupon anyway!

  141. debra says

    I like the new coupon rules they could be way worse with that crazy t.v. show out! Alls I want to do is save some dollars!! Not have 75 bags of chips !!! lol

  142. Christina says

    The coupon policy seems fine, but I’m pretty new to this couponing thing, so I guess I’ll find out more as I keep shopping! A $50 gift card sure would help :)

  143. Jess says

    I don’t think these new guidelines are outlandish, they make sense. Thanks for the clarification on the 5/item limit. 😀

  144. analisa says

    I have a question. It doesn’t say above but can you use more than one coupon for one item as long as they are two different coupons?

    • says

      Analisa~ The only time you could use more than one coupon per item is if you had a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon (which is pretty rare at King Soopers). Otherwise, printables, paper, peelies, tearpads, eCoupons etc. are all MQs, so you can only use one per item. 😉

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