Couponing 101: Acronyms! Acronyms! Acronyms!

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Are you new to couponing? Consider the below list your introduction to “Couponing Language 101″….because it literally is like a foreign language!

I have bolded the acronyms that we will use the most. This will always be available to you in the Information As always, please feel free to post a comment if you have any questions!


Couponing Related

Albies – Albertsons
AR – After Rebate
Blinkies – in store smart source coupon dispensed near product, usually from red blinking box
BOGO or B1G1 – Buy one get one free
BTFE – Box Tops for Education
B&M – Brick & Mortar, as opposed to an online store
CAT – Catalina coupons that print out at the register
FAR – Free After Rebate
GC – Giftcard
IP – Internet Printable Coupon
IVC – Instant value coupon (Walgreens store coupon-found in various booklets)
KS – King Soopers (use the link on right side of the page-in the google bar┬áto access their website)
MQ – Manufacturer’s Coupon
MIR – Mail In Rebate
OOP – Money paid Out of Pocket
OOS – Out of Stock
OYNO – On your next order
P&G – Proctor & Gamble Sunday supplement coupons
Peelie – coupon that you peel off the package
RA – RiteAid
RC – Raincheck
RP – Red Plum Sunday newspaper supplement coupons (formerly Valassis-also sometimes called “V”)
RR – Register Reward, RRs are essentially Catalinas that print out at the register at Walgreens-they are only good at Walgreens
SCO – Self Checkout
SCR – Single Check Rebate (RiteAid’s monthly rewards/rebate program)
SD – Slickdeals, another deal site that we occasionally get information from
SS – Smart Source Sunday newspaper supplement coupons
SW – Safeway (use the link on right side of the page-in the google bar to access their website)
Tearpad – A pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display
TIA – Thanks in advance
TMF – Try Me Free
V – Valassis Sunday supplement coupons (now called Red Plum)
WAGS – Walgreens
WYB – When You Buy
YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary meaning “success of the attempt may vary at your store”
$1/1, $1/2, … – money off per number of items (i.e. $1/1 is 1 dollar off when you purchase one where $1/2 is 1 dollar off when you purchase 2)


DD – Dear Daughter
DH – Dear husband
DIL – Daughter-in-law
DS – Dear Son
DW – Dear Wife

HTH – Hope this/that helps
IMO – In My Opinion
NP – No problem

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  1. Kim says

    This is my first time collecting coupons from the newspaper. I found the SmartSource and the RedPlum coupons, but I can’t find the P&G coupons. Are they in every Sunday’s paper? I just pulled all of the inserts out and couldn’t find them in there. Maybe they are somewhere else? Thank you!

  2. Celeste says

    In the coupon database (which is great, by the way!) under “Limitations”, sometimes it says ETS. What does ETS stand for? Thanks!

  3. Hazel says

    Croupie – this one came up at the Starbucks Coupon Clutch a while back. Bargain Blessings groupies are “croupies”

    CFF – Couponing Friend Forever

    I hope everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with a CFF … it’s a blast sharing bargaining and shopping trips!

  4. Karl Schneider says

    Great website! What does TP and GM stand for? I checked the acronyms page and can’t find it listed therein. Context from the Target page:

    -$1/5 MQ (9/19 TP)
    -.50/2 MQ (10/3 or 11/14 GM)

    • says

      Hi Karl~ Thanks. GM stands for General Mills (it is another insert like SmartSouce and RedPlum) and the TP was a typo…sorry. It should have been RP (RedPlum). :)

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