Couponing 101: What Couponing Can Do for You and Your Family

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When I talk to people about my love of couponing we sometimes get asked if it is really worth it. My answer? Without a doubt…YES!

Another common quesiton is if we are getting things we really need or just a bunch of junk food. My answer to that is, if your family does things like showering, eating food and cleaning the house…yes coupons are for items that you do need and do buy on a regular basis. :)

One of the things that stood out to me the most when I first started looking into couponing myself were the pictures that I saw of shopping trips, so I wanted to share a few of my trips that I had during my first six months of couponing. I hope this will help to debunk the “coupons are only for junk food” myth and motivate you to keep moving forward on your money saving journey.

Target $2.18 (Saved $102.69!)

$3.22 at Safeway and King Soopers (Saved $365!)

$15.64 Money Maker at Walgreens


$40.00 at Kohls (Saved $211!)


couponing-for-family-2Moving right along…Check out the next section of my Getting Started with Couponing guide: What Couponing Can Do for Your Family (Part 2).

*Find a couponing workshop in your area! They are fun, very inexpensive and being taught all over the US! If you are a local reader, check out this page for Colorado couponing classes


  1. LESLIE says

    I am a beginner and am very excited to begin ! Mostly because it will help my husband since I am a disabled stroke survivor living on a fixed income. I want to know how you get some of these manufacturer coupons that offer free products.

  2. Jessica says

    Jennie, I just looked at Walgreen’s coupon policy and they say that they will only redeem a mfr coupon up to the price of the item, even only up to the sale price if it is on sale. If that’s the case, how did you manage to get your Walgreens trip to MM status? It even has similar policies for BOGO coupons and Walgreens coupons, so that the price of the item can never be negative. … Is that a policy change since your purchase?

    • says

      Hi Jessica~ Money Making at Walgreens is done through their Rewards programs. Do you life in Colorado? If so, I highly suggest attending one of the Advanced couponing workshops. We go over all of these things in detail during that class. :)

  3. Tat says

    Oh my, I wished I could do this! When you say mm at Rite Aid or Wags, does this mean they give you money back, or it is applied to your purchase (like WM)?

    • says

      You can Tat! :) Money Maker really is going to depend on the store. Sometimes it could be a true cash money maker but most of the time it will be through a rebate or store credit. Just take a look at the top of the store that you want to shop at for a link to the store guide. 😉

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