Couponing 101: What Couponing Can Do for You and Your Family (Part 2)

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couponing-for-family-2It is truly incredible what is possible with coupons. Another question that I get a lot is if this is all a little too good to be true. Could there really be hobby that costs me nothing and saves me thousands? YES! Just a little effort can add up to a lot of savings! I have cut my food and grocery budget from $550 per month down to under $150 per month since the beginning of 2009!

I NEVER pay for items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving cream, lotion or shavers (among many other things)! Imagine if all you did was cut these five items out of your budget!


The blessings of this hobby/lifestyle has allowed me to do the following just during my first two years of couponing alone:

◦ Create an Emergency Fund
◦ Pay off our car loan
◦ Pay for all our Christmas gifts
◦ Save enough to re-carpet our house
◦ Significantly increase our ability to give to friends and family in need

My hope is that my story will inspire you to give couponing a try this year. Even if all you do is one deal per week, I promise, it will be worth it!

how-coupons-workMoving right along…Check out the next section of my Getting Started with Couponing guide: How Coupons Work.

*Find a couponing workshop in your area! They are fun, very inexpensive and being taught all over the US! If you are a local reader, check out this page for Colorado couponing classes.


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