Daily Worth: Get Your Finances in Order for the New Year!

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We’ve shared this awesome free service with you in the past, but thought a little reminder might be in order, especially with the holidays almost upon us. Obviously this is the time of year when spending wisely, and tracking our spending is even more important if we want to keep our budgets from busting. 😉

DailyWorth is a FREE daily personal finance e-mail written specifically for women. It delivers practical tips, empowering ideas, and the occasional kick in the pants! The New Year can be the perfect time to get your financial house in order, and DailyWorth is a great resource to help you do just that.

DailyWorth tips cover self worth, net worth, saving, spending, earning, investing, taxes, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Here are some of the topics that have been discussed by DailyWorth in the past:

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If you got signed up the last time this was offered, we would love to know what you have thought so far!

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