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Last week we were chatting about our personal styles of reading the Bible  in the Faithful Friday post. I really enjoyed hearing about each of your unique “studying styles” and it challenged me to re-think my own a bit!

I recently became aware of this fantastic FREE downloadable Bible toolbar  that I wanted to share with all of you! It is provided totally FREE from Daily Bible Guide and doesn’t require a registration or anything. The toolbar provides instant access to Bible verses, Christian quotes and helpful Bible passages through a search feature that is built right in!

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about this.  I have a feeling that some of us may be using this occasionally to search “patience” after missing out on a freebie or preparing for a big shopping trip! 😉


  1. verna wilson says

    I want to uninstall Daily bible guide. How do I do that. It is not showing up under that name on my downloads. Is it under a different name?

  2. Blake says

    Do not download this. I am not bashing the Bible, but Daily Bible Guide is one of many toolbars designed specifically to expose you to pop ups and ads and quickly exposes you to a virus infection named MyWebSearch. Others like it that do the same exact thing are…

    Total Recipe Search
    Maps Galaxy
    Recipe Hub
    Coupon Explorer
    My Web Search (the actual Toolbar)

  3. peter catlin says

    my daily bible guide toolbar has recently stopped opening the daily verse and daily quote..just get blank square…why is this

  4. June Nelson says

    Hello I try to down load the daily bile tool bar on to my iPad but it say that tis down load but I can’t seem to find it on mt iPad can you help.

  5. zack says

    i have had the toolbar dowloaded for a while and used it often but recently it hasnt bn displayed and i havent bn able to use it.i tried to re download it but havent had any luck.pls help

  6. Minister Regina Cook says

    Someone told me about your toolbar. I tried to download it and was told it was not available at this time. That is not the answer I was expecting. Everybody needs some extra study tools. I would like to know when it becomes available again. Thanks, may the peace of the Lord be with you.

    Minister Regina Cook

  7. Maria says

    I had the Daily Bible Toolbar and mistakenly deleted it and now I can’t find it to reinstall as the message I get says I already have it! Any ideas?

  8. Cindy says

    My husband has a Daily Bible Guide on his tool bat,but it didnot appear on mine we share the same computer. How can I put the same study guide on my tool bar. I tried it my self and was unsucessful.

  9. Maria Barrie says

    I was trying to download this for my computer and I got a notice saying it’s NOT compatible with macs. Do you know what other website that would have this kind of Bible toolbar download that is compatible with mac? If so please let me know. Thanks!

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