Enter to Win $250 for Back to School Expenses + Get a FREE Credit Score!

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I’m excited to see that one of my favorite online tools, Credit Sesame, tools is back with another awesome promotion.This time they are giving away $250 to go toward Back to School expenses! I have personally been using Credit Sesame for a year now and I love it. A few months ago it notified me that my credit score dropped a little bit and after further investigation I discovered there was a reporting mistake and since have been able to get it corrected.

About Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is a FREE online tool for financial management and if you have not already signed up with them, now is a great time to do so. Just go to Credit Sesame, create an account, and you will be automatically entered to win that $250  for Back to School expenses! This contest is valid through June 31st, and a winner will be selected by August 1st.

Credit Sesame gives you an instant view of your credit, including your Experian credit score that is refreshed monthly and debt analysis with personalized offers tailored to your credit profile. The best part? It is totally FREE with no credit card required or trial period!

Here are some of the bonus tools Credit Sesame has to help improve your financial health:

Stay On Top Of Your Finances – For Life
Credit Sesame automatically tracks and monitors your loans and debt information to tell you how you’re doing. You’ll see your loans, debt and credit accounts, all in one place. You’ll know where your credit score stands every month and understand how to improve your debt situation. Do you know how your finances measure up? You can now find out, for free!

Rest Assured, They are Always Searching For You
Credit Sesame is like your personal shopper for better financing! They monitor the lending markets and track data from major banks every day. You can check back with them daily to find out if we’ve found ways for you to save.

Optimize Your Current Loans and Debt
They analyze every one of your current loans and debts against your income and credit profile. If there are better options out there, they will find a way for you to save instantly.

‘What If’ Modeling To See How Things Change
Wondering how much you could save if you had a better credit score or higher income? Credit Sesame’s “What If” section lets you see how much you’d save and what loans you would qualify for when your financial situation changes.

Thousands of Loans, Unbiased Advice
Credit Sesame analyzes thousands of loans from major banks, then evaluate them against your own personal financial situation. In minutes, they narrow them down to the three options that will save you the most money over time.

Complete Analysis, For The Whole Picture
Credit Sesame shows you where you stand financially and keep track of the lay of the land. They analyze your loans, credit, mortgages and credit card debt in minutes and give you the facts: your free credit score, home value data, debt-to-income ratio and whether your debt is optimized. The more you know, the better financial decisions you can make.

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