Faithful Friday: How do you read God’s Word?

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For today’s Faithful Friday post I thought it would be fun to have a little discussion. Here is the topic:

How do you go about reading your Bible?

…Do you have a routine?

…How do you decide what to read?


  1. Lisa says

    I was challenged by a man in our church that wanted to finish the Bible in 66 days. I thought it was crazy and 6 days later, joined him, hoping to finish in 60 days. It takes about 2 hours each day. I was very motivated at first. In 60 days I’d read through 1Corinthians. There’s almost nothing left after that, but I lost my momentum. I hope to get back on track and finish before my birthday in May. I’ve tried several plans to read in a year, and always fizzle out at the end. I hope to get back in the swing of daily reading, by reading a book I grabbed at the library called the One Year Mother Daughter Devo. We’re reading about the armor of God.

  2. Jan says

    I have a devotion I read out of in the morning and read the scriptures , then dig from those. All day I am listening to teaching with the Word on it or music that has the scriptures in it. Constantly bringing God everywhere.

  3. CJ says

    I dont read as much as I should. I tend to skip around a lot and just pick a section at random and start reading. More often than not I run into passages that are perfect for that day and what I am going through. I love when that happens! I mostly read the New Testament – Psalms and Romans and the Gospel books are my favorites. I still use the Good News denim covered Bible that I’ve had since childhood, I just like the way it reads and I have favorite passages underlined.

  4. Julie says

    I personally need accountability to be reading the Bible and right now I’m attending a Community Bible Study that is fantastic! (Otherwise I spend my days being frugal and couponing! Ha!) I this is my first semester, but I love the format of going through a book of the Bible at a time and meeting with other Christian ladies each week. These studies are everywhere and are low stress but keeps you moving through the Bible. They also have kids programs at the same time for you homschoolers, where they go through the same study at their level. Co-ed studies are also available. Check it out!

  5. Bonnie says

    My husband and I are both reading through one of The Navigators Bible reading plans. It has you read about 25 days a month, then you have time to catch up or go back to study something you really liked. We both like it a lot.

  6. Heather says

    Our church is currently reading the bible in a program we call the “Power of 3” It is a one year plan of reading 3 chapters a day, we started in the New Testament then moved to the old and are currently in Psalms. Then we meet in small groups thoroughout the city to discuss the weeks reading. It has helped me to dedicate a portion of each day to spending time in God’s Word. It is life transforming!!

  7. Stacy N says

    I am currently reading the Chronological One-year NLT Bible. It is great because 1: it’s in order of how things really happened and 2: it is already broken up into daily readings to get you through the whole Bible in one year.
    I wish I could say I was faithfully a morning reader, but most often I read at night. I find reading the Bible at night is a good way to empty my mind of the daily grind and fall into a peaceful sleep.

  8. Kelly H says

    Our church currently has a program reading the One Year Bible. It is a little Old Testament and a little New Testament each day. There is a meeting twice a month to discuss the material read. It is really a nice way to get into reading the Bible daily.

  9. Michele Massie says

    I am currently reading through Daniel. My husband recently taught through it in Sunday School and I missed the class. The next thing I plan to do is read through the New Testament and do a study on all the verses that have to do with Christians relating to each other. The early Christians were known for their love for each other and I feel that is lacking today – an in my life. I really want to study all that I am to be doing and I want to change. I want people to KNOW that I care and see that in my actions.

    Anyway, I sometimes read what I am interested in or want to study more, sometimes I read through the Bible. It just depends!

  10. Patty G says

    My husband and I decided to read straight through the Bible together. One of us reads to the other each night before bed. We started on January 1st 2008. We are in Phillipians now. We had hoped to finish in a year, but 3 1/2 years later we only have about 100 pages left! I guess we’ll start again when we finish Revelations. We’ve learned so much and it’s been a great bonding experience.

  11. Jenny Wood says

    I try to read my scriptures every morning before work. I only have about 15 minutes but it helps a lot. For the Bible, I go by what we are studying in Sunday School the next week so that I’m prepared. But, I also read my Book of Mormon and that I tend to read from start to finish.

    Thanks for the discussion opportunity!

  12. Andy Son says

    I teach a pre-teen Sunday School class. Since Christmas we have been taking one book each Sunday, doing a synopsis of the book-basicly author, time, important characters & such. So during the week I try to read the book or at least study and be ready for any question that might come up. Although at 8-12 years old just guessing what the questions might be are usually never even close. I seem to be able to do a better job if I can do it right after breakfast, but it usually depends on the baby’s morning, so sometimes it does not get done until bedtime!

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