FREE Colgate Toothpaste at Safeway!

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Reader Holly came across another fantastic deal at Safeway this week! What wants some free tootpaste?!? :)

Here is your scenairo:

Colgate Whitening with Oxygen Bubbles .99
-.50 MQ (1/2 SS)

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  1. Bex says

    Shop In Longmont,
    How did you get 8 coupons? I just had the one from the newspaper. I wish I could have bought more.

    Thanks for the fantastic advice! I just did my first coupon shopping trip at Safeway and saved 57%. I’m pretty satisfied with that for my first time!

    • Shop In Longmont says

      Thats a great feeling! I got my first free deoderant and that was it for me. I haven’t stopped yet (just started Nov 15th). I collect coupons wherever I go. If I see a coupon book in the grocery store, I’ll probably grab 5. I learned to keep all inserts because things can go on sale or to free before it expires. So I store all of them. I have also used register rewards (Walgreens) and also Catalina Coupons (Safeway and King Soopers) which print with your receipt. I save them and buy extra papers (on Sundays) when there are like 5 inserts. It makes it worth a trip to get 6 or 8 free….when one might not be worth it.

  2. Shop In Longmont says

    Yes you can get more than one. One coupon per item and Safeway doubles .50 cent coupons. So you hand them one for each box of toothpaste, make sure they are marked to .99 cents when you pick them up. Colgate. Then just pay the tax. I got 8. :)

  3. Bex says

    Thanks Jennie!
    I really appreciate your quick reply. :) I just went through the Couponing 101 section; thanks for the suggestion. I’m also (rather slowly) working my way thru BeCentsable.
    Luckily, I have the SS coupon in question… only one more thing I’m confused about regarding the toothpaste deal. If the price is .99 and the coupon is -.50, how do I get the other -.49? Safeway card?
    Thanks again, B

  4. Bex says

    Apologies in advance, but I’m really new to this. Headed to Safeway today, and I’d LOVE to take advantage of this deal. Would one of you please be kind enough to explain how to do this in a bit more detail?

    -.50 MQ (1/2 SS)???

    And can I get more than one?

    Thank you! :)

    • says

      Hi Bex. Make sure to check out the Couponing 101 section at the top of the website….it will help you a lot.

      To answer your quesiton…. .50 MQ (1/2 SS) means that the .50 manufacturer coupon found in the January 2nd Smartsource coupon insert that came in the newspaper. 😉

  5. Emily says

    Absolutely it’s free. It’s a great deal and at my Safeway, there were several different “flavors” of 6.4 oz Colgate toothpastes on sale for 99 cents.

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