FREE Customizable Online Chore Chart from My Job Chart!

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Have you had an opportunity to check out My Job Chart yet? It’s a very cool FREE customizable interactive chore chart for your kids, plus a whole lot more!

Sometimes my kids just need to be able to visualize what they are saving for, and actually be able to see first hand the progress that they are making towards that goal, with My Job Chart they are able to do just that.

My Job Chart is not only an easy to use online chore chart but a reward system for organizing and motivating your kids to learn first hand how to save, share, and yes even spend a little too (which of course makes it all the more fun for them)!

chore-chartYour child will be able to log in to see what the chores are that you have assigned to them for the day. Once they are competed they will get rewarded with points.  As their points accumulate they can choose to save them, share them with a local charity to learn about giving to others, or spend them immediately for something they really want or need. It is very easy to turn their points into purchases through the Amazon My Job Chart Store, which of course makes shipping a breeze as well!

You will have the ability to customize your reward choices, so you are not limited to only Amazon purchases, but a multitude of other possibilities as well.

If you are one of 600,000 people who are already members of My Job Chart we would love to hear what you think!

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