FREE MP3 Download: Just 4 Kids Greatest Hits!

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I love free MP3 downloads, but it is all that often that we see them for the kiddos. Well Amazon is helping us out with that one, as currently they are offering us the ability to download Greatest Hits from the 150 Songs Just 4 Kids Album for FREE! This album has 12 of the greatest hits from the top 150 kids songs.

Here is what one of the folks over on Amazon had to say:

This is great for your kids and the kid in you. The songs are not arranged in a too “child-like” manner and parents will enjoy them with or without their kids.

Just be aware that you are not getting all 150 Songs for free, but just the Greatest Hits. At first blush, it looked like all 150 Songs were free. However, when I looked at the product details, I noticed that the length of the album was just 21 minutes and 38 seconds. 150 Songs would not fit in under 22 minutes. I then took a closer look at the album cover and noticed that it said at the top against a yellow background that this was a “Greatest Hits from the”…

So this is not a sampler or teaser and while it may appear to be misleading, it is not. I researched Amazon and found that the 150 Songs Just 4 Kids is available for $27.49 as of the date of this review. What we are getting free is the Greatest Hits from the 150 Songs Just 4 Kids album.

At just under 22 minutes, this will keep the young ones and the not-so-young ones entertained for the short trips around town. Anytime I get something for free, it’s a great deal!

Please keep in mind that things can change quickly over on Amazon, so you will definitely want to make sure that it is still free before you download.

(Thanks What’s in My Book Bag!)

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