Giveaway: One Reader Wins an HP Mini Laptop!

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Some of you may remember that I wrote about HP giving away a laptop and HP Mini  to one of the 2010  Deal Pros last month. Well, I’m so excited to share with you that HP chose me to win the laptop and the Mini. They also very generously provided the other bloggers who posted about them with HP Minis…I thought that was just awesome of them to do. 😉 

The exciting part for you about me winning is that now I get to give away an HP Mini to one lucky Bargain Blessings reader! I’m so excited, so let’s get this party started!

Here is how you can enter to win this giveaway:

1. Leave a comment sharing what you like about Bargain Blessings or what you would do with the mini-laptop if you won.

2. Become a Bargain Blessings Daily Deal E-mail subscriber. Leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.
*Subscription must be verified to count as a qualified entry

3. Become a Bargain Blessings Facebook Liker and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so.

4. Tell your Facebook friends about a recent Bargain Blessings deal and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so.

5. Tell your Facebook friends about this giveaway and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so.

Please make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry method you complete. E-mailing me and Facebook comments do not count as vaild entries. The HP Mini Laptop winner will be announced on Friday, February 4th.

*Thank you so much to and HP for providing this giveaway!


  1. says

    I am not sure where you’re getting your info, but great topic.
    I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding
    more. Thanks for excellent information I was looking for this
    information for my mission.

  2. Angela Horn says

    I really appreciate how Bargain Blessings keeps me on top of the very best deals. I get the daily email already! Love it! THANKS, Angela

  3. says

    I’ll do both in your #1. I love the coupon database. That is so helpful. I can look on there before I head out and see if there is anything I can use. If I won this would replace the netbook that was stolen from me in December.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. Dawn K says

    I could really use this laptop. Before, me, my husband, my oldest child, and my middle child all had a computer. Now, we are down to mine and mine is on it’s last leg. I would help out so much with my kids being able to do their work without having to work around our library hours, etc.

  5. Ally says

    One reason I would love this mini laptop is because I could easily carry it around the house and use it in the kitchen and use it to post things to FB (like telling you how I benefited from your coupons! haha) or posting photos of the baby!

  6. Ally says

    I love your blog because I’ve never been good at couponing, and I’m about to become a new mom, so I really need to get with the act – your blog is helping me with that! :) Thanks!

  7. Linda says

    What I like about Bargain Blessings? EVERYTHING! What I dislike about Bargain Blessings? NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!

  8. Stacy Turk says

    I am “new” to this whole thing and love the challenge of saving money. My goal for 2011 was to save money on “things” that are needed on a day to day basis. I want to be able to save enough on the ” things” so I can take my family on vacations, I want them to be able to let them see the beautiful country we live in. Thanks so much for all the hard work you do in order to pass the benefits on to us! Your truly are a blessing for bargains! Keep up the good work! If I were to win the HP mini I would use it to map out the places we as a family want to go to after we have saved enough money with Bargain BlessingsI have also told my friends and my brother in law about the deals you can get through your website and the emails they can receive. I believe that I am bringing 2 friends with me to the class on the 12th! I can not wait to learn more on how to do save more!

  9. Stacy Turk says

    I am “new” to this whole thing and love the challenge of saving money. My goal for 2011 was to save money on “things” that are needed on a day to day basis. I want to be able to save enough on the ” things” so I can take my family on vacations, I want them to be able to let them see the beautiful country we live in. Thanks so much for all the hard work you do in order to pass the benefits on to us! Your truly are a blessing for bargains! Keep up the good work! If I were to win the HP mini I would use it to map out the places we as a family want to go to after we have saved enough money with Bargain Blessings. I have also told my friends and my brother in law about the deals you can get through your website and the emails they can receive. I believe that I am bringing 2 friends with me to the class on the 12th! I can not wait to learn more on how to do save more!

  10. Denise Papoi says

    I love Bargain Blessings! I check the website about every hour, every day to see what “hot deal” I can get. I have saved a ton of money thanks to Jennie! Don’t know what I’d without your blog.

  11. says

    I love the name Bargain Blessings because it truly is a blessing to have all of the free offers and deals! I enjoy sharing all of your posts with my friends on Facebook too. They appreciate it also! Thank you so much!

  12. Brenda says

    I love Bargain Blessings–and I would give the mini laptop to my hubby for Valentine’s Day. He is so patient and helpful with my couponing–an awesome guy

  13. Karen H. says

    I’m employed full time, am a mom and also a student… I’ve been eyeing some sort of (affordable) netbook/laptop to be able to work on school assignments when i’m away from home and this would fit the bill! That would make it so much easier to get my daughter to the things she has to get to and still stay on top of my own education. :)

  14. Lori Dillon says

    I enjoy the bargain blessings website. I am able to find information about deals that I am interested in. I love any information you provide about great Target offers, especially. This little laptop is so portable, it would likely go with me everywhere. I am an aspiring photographer and would use my laptop to edit photos and really learn Photoshop. I would also continue to prepare my coupons for my shopping trips. I am really focused on learning more about anything that will save my family money.

  15. D. Cooper says

    I love all the great deals you post every day. If it wasn’t for your website, there is no way I would be able to do about half of the deals I do. Keep up the Hard & great work. THANKS BUNCHES!!!

  16. Lois says

    I love Bargain Blessings, it’s my favorite blog, mostly because you are a local Colorado girl, so I can see the deals in the state and I love the way you grade the deals, so easy to see if it’s a great deal or not. I love that you incorporate your faith in God into your blog, but it’s not over the top. I love all the money you help me save. You do a wonderful job, Jennie!

  17. Shelly Davis says

    I am a loyal fan of both Bargainblessings and HP. I love quality products and I love to save. I would enjoy a mini HP because I am a writer/poet so to have something I could travel light with would be a blessing (smile). Thanks for all you do for us ‘clippers’.

  18. DL says

    I love all the great bargains you post every day. If it wasn’t for your website, there is no way I would be able to do about 90% of the deals I do! Thank you for all your hard work. It is GREATLY appreciated! I am going to homeschool my son this upcoming school year. We really need a laptop for him in order to do the cirriculum I want use. This would be such a blessing for our family!

  19. Wendy says

    Would love a new mini laptop, with a family of 5 I wouldn’t have to wait in line for the computer & everyones homework to be done!

  20. Anna Lagen says

    I have saved allot of money thru your site, thanks! I woul duse the laptop to check e.mails and follow deals!

  21. nichole says

    I borrow my 16 year old’s computer every morning and read your emails, thank you so much for all the time you put in :)

  22. DAWN KONIG says

    I am an email subscirber and Face Book liker. And I would keep up with Bargin Blessings on my new mini laptop. Thanks again for all you do, your emails have saved me tons of money!

  23. Jen W. says

    I look forward to your daily emails and have save so much $$ using the information it provides. It is exciting to see what info you have! If I won the HP laptop, I would give it to my 10 year old son to use for school and my husband to use to look up his “how to play guitar” videos on youtube. They are constantly hogging and fighting over my Macbook and it’s mine! ha ha. A new computer for our family would be lovely!

  24. Maria R says

    Thanks for all the great deals and tips you give us . We really need a laptop at our house. Hoping to win and good luck to everyone.

  25. Maria G. says

    I have to say that because of your site my family saves tons of money. Keep up he good work. I would like to win this for my husband. He’s been wanting one for some time now.

  26. JulieD says

    I love the amount of $$ I have been able to save by using your site. It is so helpful since my husband lost his job. Thank You!

  27. Amy P says

    I tell everyone I meet about your website! Especially in line at the grocery store and Target when they follow me out the door and ask how I just did what I did! (It was a dad who did this most recently and he couldn’t wait to go home and tell his wife about you!)

  28. Nicholas C Harris says

    Bargainblessing helps me keep more of my money in my pocket. I’d love to win the HP Mini Laptop! I’d give it to my grandchildren to help them with thier school work!

  29. Amy P says

    I love Bargain Blessings because it has encouraged and enabled my family to live within a more reasonable budget. Having a mini would help me follow you guys from all around my house and then some!

  30. Hannah says

    My husband is a teacher and uses the computer a lot. I’m sure he would love to have a laptop to bring his files to and from work a little bit easier. I have a laptop that I got several years ago, but it seems to be on its last leg, so a new one that we could share would be fabulous!

  31. Jonna says

    I like you on FB, I get your emails and would love an HP Mini laptop for my husband for Valentine’s day. I saw you on Jill’s deals and steals in December and I’ve been watching ever since.

  32. Alice says

    I’d love to win the laptop because I then I could check for discounts BEFORE late at night when I get home. I would love the opportunity to stop on my way home to get all the bargains shown here!

  33. Fedai says

    Told my friends about the Baskin Robbins buy one get one free…yes its freezing out but whats life without ice cream?!!!

  34. Kym Kram says

    I would use the mini laptop to teach my sunday school lessons! There are awesome power point lessons for each one! My kids love them, and my laptop broke :(. Thanks!

  35. Marissa Kortus says

    Thank you so much for not being scared to share your faith. It is so nice to have little reminders here and there about God’s love for us!

  36. kat c says

    I forward my friends the goodies you get on your see me shop posts every week so they can see that people really do get great stuff.

  37. Wendy says

    I have added my email to your email list

    I love checking Bargain Blessings for all your great tips! Our family has been very interested in getting a laptop so the kids can do work on the go, but not on the top of our financial “needs” list unfortunately. Would LOVE to win one!

  38. Vanessa says

    If I won the computer it would be a blessing. I homeschool my 14 year old daughter and our laptop died. We travel alot with my husband he works out of town all the time and she can’t do her work.

  39. Keri says

    Look forward to BB emails & FB every day. I would either give the mini to my husband or donate to my MOPS group’s silent auction fundtaiser!

  40. Linda says

    Even though I look at other couponing blogs, I always look at yours and consider yours to be the most helpful and easiest to use. 😀

  41. janet says

    if I could win the laptop I would 1st be more dedicated to my job search, just lost my job the end of 2010,then I would be Bargain Blessings #1 advocate!

  42. Natalie Stamenov says

    I just “liked” you on my facebook page. I thought I already liked you but I am glad I checked. I would love to win the mini laptop 😀

  43. Candice says

    I posted about the vista print vday freebies deal you told us about onto my facebook status! Cant wait to get my freebies to add to my gift baskets :)
    Thanks for the freebie deal!

  44. C Weeks says

    I am an email subscriber. I also LOVE your website and even my husband will brag about the great scores you help me find!

  45. Jeremy Goss says

    I try to keep up on great bargains through the Bargain Blessings site. If I won the HP mini it would be replacing our 5 year old Dell PC as it is starting to have some problems booting up and really need something to keep up with family, emails, budget, etc.

  46. gwen hanson says

    I LOVE your grading system. I trust you to get me the best price and you never let me down. You are awesome and I really appreciate how hard you work to keep up with all of this stuff.

  47. beth downs says

    Many times I have a little one around when I am reading the posts, so being able to read the entries without alot of visual clutter around them makes it easier and fun to read!
    Thanks for your Faith Friday entries, as well!

  48. Kayla Hopper says

    I just told all my Facebook friends about Bargain Blessings and how you helped us get a great deal on tomatoes!

    Kayla and Brandon Hopper

  49. Kayla Hopper says

    My husband and I LOVE Bargain Blessings. We just found it about a week ago after deciding that couponing would be the best way to save our very hard-earned money. Even though we’re new, we’ve already capitalized on some great deals. We stocked up on 61 cans of Hunt’s tomatoes for $0.10 each! And for that, we are extremely greatful.

    A new computer would help tremendously. My husband is a journalist, and the laptop would allow him to write his articles at the events he covers.

    We could really use the laptop. Thank you so much for giving one away. Even if we don’t get it, I hope it goes to the person who needs it most. (I think that’s us 😀 )

    God Bless You

    Kayla and Brandon Hopper

  50. Mom4Nealys says

    I would give the mini laptop to my daughter as a gift for helping out so much with the little ones. I have a special needs child that requires lots of me and two other toddlers and my daughter is such a trooper to assist where needed and fill in the gaps when mom cant get things done with the little ones

  51. Lori B. says

    I love Bargain Blesseing for all the good tips on the deals. If I could win this mini laptop I could get my mother-in-law started in all the savings too!

  52. Samantha says

    I would use the laptop for school! I just started nursing school and this computer would be great to take with me! I also LOVE Bargain Blessings for how much it saves my family in groceries. We’ve cut our food budget in half!

  53. Michelle Armstrong says

    In addition to what I just added….Oh, wait, you’re giving away a laptop, too? I would be grateful for that or the mini! Thank you again!

  54. Megan S says

    I love your site because you are thorough in explaining the deals and how to get them. If I won this I would actually give it to my mom. Her computer broke and she can’t afford to fix it so she has lost touch with a lot of her faraway friends and family.

  55. Michelle Armstrong says

    I love Bargain Blessings because you put God in the center of what you do and use this as a ministry. I’m grateful for that and for you all. I would love the HP Mini Laptop. Mine is so old you can’t expand it past 512 mb of Ram and although I really love it and am so grateful for it, the Mini would help me with the consulting work I am trying to launch. I am a single Mom and really need the income. Thanks and God bless!!

  56. Rebecca S says

    I love Bargain Blessings because you provide information to the best deals. I save lots of money because of you!!!

  57. Renee says

    I already am an email subscriber. I am also a facebook friend. One of the things I love about your site is that you alert me to the best deals to take advantage of every week and you demonstrate creative ways to save by making the most of a dollar. I would love to win the mini laptop as a way as for me to be able to maximize my time each day. We have 4 blessings and life is rather hectic at the present. On another note, I would love to win… b/c Friday is my “4—- OHHHH” birthday…. but my birthday falls the day before our oldest child’s birthday so…. the whole day this year has pretty much turned into her special day… between her party and sweets for school etc. It’s okay… it is more important for her to really celebrate than me… but winning would seem like a nice little perk and/or reminder that I have a special day too!

  58. says

    Your website is very nicely managed and I love the Safeway coverage! I live in SD, but my Safeway is a Denver division store, and I’m so glad that I can get great match-ups here every week.

  59. Samantha Cedeno says

    I love that Bargain Blessings helps me save my family money. The fan broke in my current laptop so it would be a much needed replacement. TY!@

  60. Sophie says

    If I win I would transfer all my data from my old laptop to the mini one asap as my current laptop is on its last legs.

  61. Jenna says

    What I love about Bargain Blessings is how you have taught me how to shop! And the savings of course!! Thanks for all you do! If I won, I would print more coupons :) and not fight with my husband over the computer anymore!

  62. vicki says

    Thank you for the work you put into this site , to make our lives easier!!! I love the red letter and also that you have included the health food store deals!! What a blessing!!
    I would use the laptop computer to have more flexability to speak with my two boys who are deployed right now.

  63. Rebecca M. says

    Ive been an email subsriber.
    By the way Congratulatins to you on getting your laptop! You totaly deserve it and so much more. May God continue to bless you, as you have blessed others.

  64. Rebecca M. says

    I just have to say how much I LOVE your website! You named it well, I have seen how much Iam able to save on my grocery bill. I have been a coupon clipper all my life and havnt understood how to work coupons till taking your class in October. Your website has been a blessing and inspired me to bless others with not only free product but the knowlege of saving like they never saved before. I love that you teach us to give back to our community not just build a stock pile for our family. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts to help others. If I won the laptop I would use it for my Pampered Chef Shows, finaly finsh my family cookbook with pictures and our history to pass on to my daughter. Be able to blog and help other familes learn to save like you have taught us. And of course clip more coupons!

  65. carol says

    I like your wbsite because it is easy to look at, easy to navigate, and has a ton of different ways to save money which is something that I love. Thank you

  66. Lindsay says

    I love finding deals on your blog, and if I wonI’d be able to work and read my coupon blogs more easily with a portable mini laptop, and maybe it would be harder for my son to get his hands on!

  67. Christina says

    I love that this is a local site – I have found so many great deals and saved tons of money thanks to you!!

  68. Jodi Nevins says

    I would use this mini laptop in my kitchen. I have been wanting one for recipes and such. I would love, love, love it!

  69. Lisa says

    Where the heck was I in the past year and half?? Just started following Bargain Blessings a few weeks ago, and I am definitely saving even more than I have in the past as my frugal self!
    HP Mini?!?! Definitely would bring this everywhere in my tote!!!! My last laptop which was very large passed away 6 months ago, and I have been thirsting for a new laptop that is petite and reliable. HP has been the choice of computers at the company I work at, and I have been loving them since! How awesome would that be? a personal HP mini to meaningfully accessorize my everyday needs?! VERY! *ahhhhhhh so exciting!*

  70. Lorrie (pinklady705) says

    I would use the mini-laptop to read my favorite blogs, to find deals, and to socialize. I can’t tell you how much I would love to be able to have access to a computer in a variety of places other than one room in my house (since I only have a desktop). I have never owned a laptop and this would mean soooo much to me to win.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  71. LORENA says

    i love bargain blessings for their caring for people without nothing in return..i like you o n facebook and i have told my friends about you…and i have subscribed to you daily emails

  72. Ioana Barrie says

    If I won the laptop, I would live at Bargain Blessings .com! I would love to win it and give it to my cousin out in CO since his wife just lost her job, so I could be a good testimony and boost her spirits! I really hope that I win! I am a fan of Bargain Blessings and get on Facebook!

  73. says

    I think I did everything requested, plus extra deals are a nice thing for people in need.
    I could use this laptop for several things. I have one already, but the battery life on it is bad, and it’s way to big to carry around. I’ve wanted a new one for quite a few years, as college is coming soon, and dual enrollment even sooner. I’d take my laptop, but it has to have a line plugged into it none stop, and it is way to big to fit into anything. I’d also like to use it for school, but also to organize sites. One of which I hope to help run my church’s site.
    I’ve been saving up for a new laptop, but I also have to save up for a car and future expenses. So winning a laptop for free would open up more options later on for other things.

    Good luck to all people, I wish the best of luck!

  74. Joyce Mlinek says

    I am traveling to see my family in Kentucky in March and the mini laptop would be perfect for me to take and keep up with my couponing and e-mails.

  75. Kristine says

    Just wanted to let you know I am now an email subscriber.
    I also just posted a deal to my facebook friends and told them of your giveaway. I can’t wait to see who wins.

  76. Kristine says

    My husband’s lap top is just about to quit and we cannot afford to get a new one. We run our own business which has been hurt exponentially from the economy so our little family of 4 has been living off my income of $25000 this past year. We are trying hard to keep the business running and see it prosper again but we really need to get a new lap top. This would help incredibly.

  77. Michelle Hunt says

    It would be such a blessing to win this laptop. Our 10+ year old computer is barely hanging in there and is in dire need of retirement! Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Thanks also for your wonderful website. You help me save bundles of money for my family!

  78. Jenbubbies says

    Hi there
    here is my post. I would like to win as I am currently using a make shift computer that is mad out of half a lap top to type with and a computer scree……It would be nice to have a complete lap top. I am in a job change so can’t go out and buy a new one right now either…SO MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED
    This is the facebook poste I made:)
    Bargain Blessings
    check them out on facebook they have awesome deals coupons for rite aid, gym passes, and so much more I think you would like it. You can also enter into a contest to win a lap top. Hope you like it
    Jen Kaplinsi

  79. Roni Trujillo says

    I am already an email subscriber and like you on facebook, so I decided to tell 5 friends about you. They all promised to check you out this week to try for the laptop! Thanks, Roni

  80. Erin Reynolds says

    If I won the HP mini, I would give it to my wonderful husband who just spent the last 24 hours cleaning up from everyone else in our family having the flu. I prayed in the middle of the night a “thank-you” to God for a man who puts on the gloves and gets done what needs to be done in order to keep the family running. His birthday is March 2, in case that helps ; ).

  81. Kayleen says

    1) I like how your website is organized, it is so easy to use to find what I am looking for.

    2) I subscribed to your emails list.

    3) If I won the mini HP, I would let my kids use it to do their homework online, rather than using mine now.

  82. Rebecca says

    I shared a recent deal with my husband to see if we could use the Doug & Melissa sale for our daughter’s birthday. I don’t know if that counts our not. (I mostly follow for grocery deals and there hasn’t been a lot of great deals for us in that area recently.) However I am alway talking with other moms and most of them already follow your site. A few times I’ve been able to introduce someone new to this site and they are always so grateful. Thanks for all the work you do. Keep up the good work.

  83. Jodi L says

    I love all the deals you post! I would love to win this laptop, with 4 kids, it would SO help with homework… on the other hand, my dearest would love it to help him with work “stuff”. Hmmm…..

  84. Amie says

    Would love to win, could actually spend more time organizing my couponing instead of fighting over the laptop with my husband!

  85. Rebecca says

    If I were so blessed to receive this mini laptop I would give it to my Valentine who always makes sure I’m taken care of first and loves me even on my worst of days.

  86. says

    I like you on FB, I shared it on FB and I subscribe here already! What I most like about Bargain Blessings are the store deal lists. It is so helpful and you have the stores I like the best! I just started back at school to eventually get my Masters in OT. I would use this laptop for school of course so I can finally get a job to help support my family financially. But I’m sure I will continue to coupon and bargain hunt as well!

  87. Kimberly says

    If I won the laptop I would finally have my own computer and not have to share computer time with everyone in the house! Yeah Bargainblessings! Yeah HP!!

  88. Kimberly says

    I tell all my friends on Facebook to like Bargain blessings and to subscribe to the email so they can get all the latest deals!

  89. kesh says

    I follow bargin blessings every day. If I were blessed to win the laptop I would use it to track volunteer work I do for my church.

  90. Briana says

    I LOVEEEE Bargain Blessings! And if I won the mini laptop, I’d use it for my fall semester in college seeing as my major requires that we purchase a brand new lap top during the doctorate phase.

  91. Jennifer says

    I love the deals posted on Bargain Blessings. If I won the laptop, there would be less fighting to get to our one computer among 4 people, and I could maybe even have this laptop all to myself!

  92. Melissa G says

    I like Bargain Blessings because it helps me save money when I need it most (when my husband’s in school and I don’t have a job). I would use the laptop for my couponing addiction.

  93. Cherie says

    I would use the Mini Laptop to take notes at school. I love so much about Bargain Blessings … the rating system, the database, the fact you are local, the website is easy to navigate, the daily emails – I LOVE BB and everything it offers! Thank you for taking the time to organize this – you are amazing!

  94. Evangeline says

    Well… I like the fact that you are local to Colorado!! I would have my own computer, don’t have to share one!!!

  95. Nicole C says

    i would replace my current laptop as the screen seems to be falling off.
    i like that you cover safeway and are in CO as safeway is my only local grocer!
    thanks for everything.

  96. Rebecca Cluff says

    If I won the mini laptop I would take it with me to India when I adopt my daughter. I would also take it with me to Germany when I go next year.

  97. Tina says

    I would be so happy to have a laptop that worked quickly and didn’t have to be worked on for me to use it. Love you site too

  98. says

    I love my new HP laptop (which I had to buy to replace a stolen laptop). A mini version would be fantastic because it would be more portable and also because we use computers for homeschool and could use another one!

  99. Jennifer S. says

    I love Bargain Blessings because you give me tons of practical ways to save so much money. I’m a teacher, so a netbook would be fantastic to tote to and from school!

  100. says

    I just started back on couponing on New Year’s and I’m loving all the great info. you share about new coupons, great deals, freebies, and how to be a smarter shopper. I am saving so much already! Thank you.

    My laptop is on its way out and I almost bought a new one on Black Friday, but decided to try and keep this one going a little longer. The mini-laptop would be great for sipping a cup of coffee at my local coffee shop while checking out the latest deals. :-)

  101. Laura D says

    I am new to Bargain Blessings but so far, I love it.
    I would replace my hubby’s VERY slow laptop with the mini.

  102. Kim F says

    I would use the mini laptop when I travel each weekend. It would also be handy to have around the house and move it from room to room when I have to both work and want to be in the same room as my kids.

  103. Susana says

    My favorite thing about bargain blessings is all of the deals and giveaways you post!

    I would use the mini laptop to do school work. It would be much easier than having to carry around my full size one!

  104. Tarja says

    Awesome giveaway! I would love to have a mini botebook to take when I travel. So much easier than lugging the full size laptop. Thanks for all you do!

  105. Tori says

    Posted the MINI deal on my FB status! Hope I get picked. But, if not, still love your site and depend on it daily. Thanks so much for all you do Jennie.

  106. Tori says

    Hey girl! I would love a laptop! That would give me the opportunity to print more Qs and my daughter could have this piece of junk one I have! 😉

  107. says

    I am a freelance writer and I have already gone through 2 mini laptops. I do quite a bit with mine. I also take mine to a local food pantry where I volunteer and it is getting pretty worn out. Would love to have a new one to replace it.

  108. Gina says

    Since my husband “hogs” our office all day long (leaving me without computer access) I REALLY want to win the laptop so that I can finally get the chance to search for Bargain Blessings!!!

  109. Brandi says

    I really enjoy your website and all the great deals I get from your postings!!! Would love the mini laptop to use in my classroom!!

  110. Dee says

    I love your site for all your awesome current deals and for your giveaways! I would use this laptop for being able to work at the library. i currently have an a pretty slow pc ahh lol :)

  111. Marion says

    The Bargain Blessings is a blessing to all of us people especially to those who are hungry or in need of stuffs from the food bank/collections are able to get them.
    I am with the Deaf Ministry at the First Pentecostal Church.
    Thank you Bargain Blessings for making this possible.

  112. Kathyb says

    I love your website. As I teach people how to use coupons, I refer them to your website because of all the great information!

  113. says

    Because of an upcoming job I am going to be on the road a lot more with the kids while homeschooling them at the same time. This would be great to have as an extra, mini laptop on hand for the kids to get their assignments done and not fight over the limited laptops.

    chitownchicas at gmail dot com

  114. says

    Oh I’d love to win! Both DH’s and my laptops are on their last legs, and we’ve been thinking about a mini instead of the 14″s that we have.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail

  115. Martha says

    What to do? My husband, the artist, needs a way to look at photos without tying up the computer for hours on end! That way he can paint his pictures and the kids and I can keep up with all the online demands!

  116. Kelly says

    I love because you help me save so much money! Thank you for all you do :) I would love to win the laptop because my computer is 8 yrs old and slowly dying. I’m unemployed so I don’t have the money to buy a new one.

  117. Amanda Biel says

    What I like about Bargain Blessings? I love how you are not ashamed of your faith and share it boldly through your blog. Awesome! All while saving us tons of money, cant beat that combo! 😛

  118. april yedinak says

    I love the great deals you post about and I love your web page design, cute without being cluttered! I would give this to my son if I won, so he could use it for school work (and I wouldn’t have to give up mine for him to use).

  119. Melissa K says

    This is what I posted on FB about the great deals at BB:

    Check out – great posts about great deals like a $20 gift card for $10 and a Stainless Steel Cuisanart Hand Blender for $24!

  120. Melissa K says

    I love BB for all its great posts and I could totally use a new laptop (ours is so old, it has to stay plugged in constantly cuz the battery can’t hold a charge anymore).

  121. Ann says

    I would be able to get on Bargain Blessings whenever I wanted instead of waiting for my daughter to get off the computer, so I can get on

  122. Alecia @ Savings & Stewardship says

    I love your site because you have such a great, uplifting personality :) … plus, you post great deals! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  123. Karin says

    I could use it anywhere in the house or outside in the summer. It’d be so convenient and I wouldn’t be chained to this desk.

    Two of us could actually be online at the same time. It’d be wonderful!

  124. AlisonKay says

    I would love to win a laptop mini because my oldest homeschooled child is starting 7th grade and could really use this to work on the many papers I am assigning her! She is reluctant to learn to type because it’s too much work :p but I know she would be motivated by this! It would make an outstanding gift to her!!

  125. AlisonKay says

    I like you on Facebook! It’s great following your posts throughout the day! I have gotten some great bargains this way!

  126. Sierra says

    I love, love, love the deals you post and all of the extras like Faithful Fridays and your Christmas donation giveaway. If I won the laptop, it would be fantastic. I have an almost one year old who is on the go, and this would allow me to be much more productive with my computer time!

  127. Marjean says

    Dear Jennie, I love Bargain Blessings lst b/c it is in Colorado and that is where I live. But I most love that you are a Christian and that when I have ever written to you, you have written back promptly.

    I would give the HP mini to my Denver teacher daughter who loves the Lord so much and gives so much to her school, church, her parents (!) etc. for being only 23, but she doesn’t have much $, esp. to buy a fun toy!! She would love this. It would be such a great surprise.

    Thanks for all you do. I am an email subscriber and have never entered your giveaways before.

  128. says

    I love Bargain Blessings – it helps me maximize the great buys in our area, making them fantastic buys! My laptop is so old and the sound has gone out on it. It would cost almost as much to fix almost as just buying a new one; neither option is in the budget right now. A new laptop would be DREAMY so I could actually watch videos with sound! Thanks for your work in keeping up in the bargain loop. Your site is a blessing!

  129. Stephanie says

    If I was chosen to receive this mini laptop, I would use it for college that I FINALLY get to go to! Yay! All 6 kids are finally in school, now it’s time for Mommy to persue her dream also :)

  130. Karie says

    I really love your blog!! I have saved so much more money on my grocery bill! I also really like the links to the different coupon sites to print and save more. If I won the HP mini, I would give it to my husband. He really needs a new computer, his computer is several years old and he mostly uses his work laptop. A new HP mini would be great for him.

  131. Wes says

    I love Bargain Blessings! You have saved me so much money this year! I would use the mini laptop as a gift for a family member without a computer.

  132. Andrea says

    I tell people all about your site and deals all the time!! just today I told a friend about the Walgreens deals for Pantene!

  133. Christy says

    If I were to win the mini laptop I would be able to talk with my husband who is deployed a little more often and wouldn’t have to risk missing his calls :)

  134. Heather says

    My favorite thing about bargain blessings is your rating system. When you give a grade to deals it helps me see what the best deals of the week are. Thank you!

  135. Angalee says

    I love Bargain Blessings because it saves me so much time when I am putting together my shopping lists and coupons!

  136. Darcie says

    My favorite is your See Me Shop Sunday. I love seeing all the fantastic deals you get. So inspring. I also love the Diaper Deals.

  137. Haley says

    I would be able to take it in the car and get some work done while I wait for my 4 kids! I follow you on facebook.

  138. Lorie says

    I am an email subscriber. I liked Bargain Blessings on Facebook. I posted the Kids Dance @ $19.99 deal on facebook. And I shared this great giveaway on Facebook.


  139. Stephanie says

    I “liked” you on facebook. And you are seriously the ONLY ‘like’ I have! (I think most of them are a waste of time!)

  140. Stephanie says

    I am new to your site and am loving it already! If I won the laptop, I could search for deals and print off coupons whenever I wanted instead of whenever our home computer is not being used, which would mean I wouldn’t have to look for coupons late at night, which would = more sleep for me!!

  141. Lorie says

    I am a email subscriber & “Liked” Bargain Blessings on Facebook.
    Would love the HP Mini Laptop! Then I could take Bargain Blessings with me on the go!!!


  142. kate wadlington says

    I Would LOVE the mini lap-top! Our computer just dies and I have been having to go to the library to get my “coupon fix”. It would be so nice to be able to access the internet from my HOUSE!!!

  143. Ann says

    I moved from MI to AZ recently and didn’t have internet for a couple of weeks. I missed Bargain Blessings so much and couldn’t wait to check back here and see all that I missed. What I like about Bargain Blessings is it gets me excited about saving money. Like its something to look forward to, not dread. Thanks.

  144. Evelyn says

    I would love to be able to give it to my just entered the workplace daughter.
    Thanks for making your faith a special part of your blog.

  145. Genny Ward says

    I love how clean and neat your site is. Finding the bargains on your site is super easy. This would be a 2nd computer in our home. One isn’t enough. :)

  146. Kelly says

    I just told all 151 of my friends about this generous giveaway..once again Jennie, you’ve completely outdone yourself! Thanks :)

  147. says

    I would love the mini laptop so i could print my coupons wirelessly since my hubby and daughter seemed to always have a game or book they wanna read or play on the computer. Woo Hoo!!!

  148. Lori says

    I am super excited to be able to share with friends the different deals that I have gotten because of your expirence! It is so much fun to be able to buy things for free or inexpensively and then turn around and bless others…which otherwise would have cost quite a bit! Thank you!!!!

  149. Melissa M says

    I love Bargain Blessings – I really appreciate the rating system. This has helped me learn prices and get a good feel for good deals!

  150. Tammy Walker says

    I love bargain blessings because of the notifications of coupons and deals and how i can save monye. Being a single mom and having a bright son who is college bound this year, i would give it to him if i was fortunate enough to win.

  151. Emily says

    I love your website! I appreicate all of the amazing deals, and also the “extra” meaningful things you post about, like Faithful Friday and the Love Bomb missions. Thanks for all you do!

  152. Kristin L. says

    What I like about Bargain Blessings…you help tons of people save a ton of money, and what you teach is not crazy couponing like that lady on the tv show, but to be responsible and caring while doing it.

  153. Lois says

    Just told my friends about you giving away the mini laptop (Which is the hardest one to do, because I want to win for myself, but if it can’t be me, then I hope one of my friends win)

  154. Jo says

    The best part about Bargain Blessings is the way you incorporate the word of God into your blog. Saving money via coupons and deals… well, that is a good thing. Saving souls through the Word…..well, that is a great thing.
    If I won the computer, I would use it to record the events now occurring in our country. I want to save information for my granddaughter who is almost three years old. I want her to know that her Granny and Grandfather loved America and prayed for our country to remain free.
    Thank you for being a blessing, Jennie.

  155. autumn says

    I would love to be able to give the laptop to my sone to take to college in the fall! As always, I love your site. It has blesses me daily.

  156. Jenn J says

    I would love a mini to not have to share one computer with my husband and two teenaged sons. I wouldn’t miss all the cool couponing deals!

  157. naomi says

    I really like that you are a Christian #1. I have shared your website with many friends and enjoy it myself. My husband would use the laptop for the college classes that he is taking. I would be a blessing if we won the laptop

  158. Esther a homeschool momma in Mid-Michigan says

    I love your blog Jennie with all the deals that you bring us!
    But by far my favorite thing about Bargain Blessings is Your Testimony for Christ :)
    There are so many blogs that are not Faith Friendly that I won’t waste my time with those ones :(
    God Bless!

  159. Carol says

    4. I told teachers I work with about VistaPrint’s Valentines gifts! I told them YOU told me about it. They are ordering for kids!

  160. Lois says

    I told my friends about the Free Mustard deal you posted about at Target. I picked up 4 this morning, I will donate at least 2, if not 3. Thanks.

  161. Brianna S says

    I need a laptop because my laptop is breaking down and I really need a replacement for school in order to get the notes down and finish projects. I like Bargain Blessings because of all the things that you cover (giveaways, coupons, deals, etc).

  162. martha says

    I would love to win the HP Mini so when my hubby is playing his video game I can printing the internet coupons that I love & still be by his side :)

  163. Lois says

    I would use a mini laptop like an e-reader, plus a portable DVD player for roadtrips. I do a little seminar at my church for coupons, so I would love to be able to bring a computer with to show some of my favorite websites (yours tops the list).

  164. Michele says

    I don’t get to get on facebook alot but I have told MANY people in person to go to your website for great deals!!

  165. Carol says

    1. Why do I love thee…..
    You are from the great state of Colorado
    You use your talent to bless the lives of others
    You share your love of Christ
    I love the coupon database
    I appriciate the facebook updates

  166. Vickie says

    I love getting updates in my facebook feed from Bargain Blessing telling me of the latest deals going on….it’s helped me get some free samples and deals on other products!

  167. PK says

    I love all the great deals on Bargain Blessings but I especially have enjoyed the little image used for the “30 days of Shred”!! Makes me smile every time!

  168. Nikita Nik says

    I love all the great deals you post and they really show a great bargain price. If I win this mini laptop then I am for sure gonna use it whole day for entering into giveaways and for catching great deals we get to know through you every single minute. I am loving it all very much and really need my own laptop for myself as don’t like to disturb hubby all the time he works on his computer. Hope to win it.

  169. Kim says

    Love your site! You are the first one I go to for deals and my shopping lists! I am a “liker” on Facebook and also an email subscriber. The Hp mini would be perfect for getting all my deal updates on the go!!

  170. Tracy says

    I left a status on my fb to tell my friends to check you out and the amazing deal you informed me of on pampers diapers at target this week (and to check out your Webpage and fb)!!! Thanks!

  171. Melisa says

    I love all the coupons and coupon advise! I’ve learned so much from reading the coupon blogs and learning how to shop more wisely. Thank you! If I won – I use it for the coupons. My old computer is SLOW so it takes a while to load sites, etc…

  172. Carolyn says

    I love reading your blog because it allows me to reference deals (on my IPhone) that I may have missed when I’m out shopping. A one-stop-shop for deals- GREAT!

  173. Tracy says

    I’m a new email suscriber… I am sire this will have me checking out your blog more than the at least 3 times a day I already do! Thanks!

  174. Tracy says

    I totally need this give away! I have only old macs and I have been wanting a windows computer so that I can actually print web coupons (they do not print well from my macs… I think they r to old). I love your blog and it has helped me save at least 1000 dollars since I started checking it out (multiple times a day). I scored a ton of Christmas deals that were posted! And now thanks to you I am scoring tons of everyday deals on stuff we need.

  175. Tanya says

    I would love the HP mini to coupon downstairs while my hubby and me watch a movie and print coupons and take it on trips and………

  176. Karla says

    My favorite post on Bargain Blessings is See Me Shop Sunday….I miss it…..bring it back! I love the deals highlighted in red. Bargain Blessings is awesome!

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