Groupon: Farkel Frenzy Dice Game $9 Including Shipping!

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Have you ever played Farkle? I know, it’s a pretty funny name, but it’s actually a really fun and pretty simple dice game! It appears that they have now taken the original Farkel to an all new level with Farkel Frenzy, which you can snag over on Groupon for just $9, including FREE shipping!

This game retails for as much as $21.99, so this is a substantial savings. I just checked over on Amazon, and it looks like they lowered their price somewhat to keep up with Groupon on this one, but they are still charging a couple of dollars more, so Groupon is the way to go!

Here are some additional details about this fun to play game:

With the pop of the bubble hub containing a single die, players begin furiously rolling their dice in search of points-winning combinations. The provided scorecards act as cheat sheets to enable quick addition and lightning-fast rounds. The frenzied game lifts friends and family members of all ages from tryptophan-induced lethargy or stokes the fires of age-old rivalries without players having to steal each other’s diaries for research.


Bounce the common die in the bubble hub, then race to accrue scoring dice combinations
First to 10,000 points wins
As fast-paced as the heart of a hummingbird in love
Two to four players
Ages 8 and up
Box dimensions: 10.5″x10.5″x3″

I think I will be picking one of these up as we have the original Farkel and it’s always been a fan favorite for family game night!


  1. Hazel says

    Farkle? Gads … I remember that from Laugh In. My father would always call me Franny Farkel.

    I never got the flying, fickle finger of fate award tho. Yay, me :)

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