High-Value $2.50 off Poligrip Coupon = FREE at Various Stores!

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$2.50 OFF Poligrip® Denture Adhesive (0.75oz or larger)

There is a new high-value coupon that will save you $2.50 OFF Poligrip® Denture Adhesive (0.75oz or larger). This is an awesome high value and will make for FREE Denture Adhesive at several grocery and drugstores. Here is your scenario at Walmart:

Poligrip Denture Adhesive $1.90 (regional price)
$2.50 OFF Poligrip® Denture Adhesive (0.75oz or larger)
=.60 Money Maker!

Keep in mind that you will need to have additional items in your order to cover this overage and that prices at Walmart can vary quite a bit depending on your region.

Not a Walmart shopper? Like I mentioned above, this should freebies at many other stores too, so please let us know what great deals you find with it!

(Thanks Reba!)


  1. Julie says

    Shocked she didn’t argue anyway. I almost can’t bring myself to shop there after a recent trip when I left in tears. The checker was so upset she had to deal with coupons she actually said ” I don’t know why you are buying a diet coke from Walmart when you could have save .10 going over to the mcdonalds, you SAID you did coupons to save money you would have thought you would have also saved on that too, not just dog food, burritos and neutragena soaps” she was so nasty people in line started leaving I was mortified and intended to call the manager but chickened out. Thought I was over it, guess not. Glad you got your freebies.

  2. Hazel says

    Woohoo … thanks for the heads up. Stopped at Wal*Mart and these were $1.78, so a $.72 MM on each one.

    The checker questioned the size but didn’t quibble when she saw I had the right size.

    I love it when it works this way!

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