Homemade Christmas Snow Globes: 99 Days of Christmas!

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How cute are these Waterless Homemade Christmas Snow Globes?!? I love them and love that they will not make a big watery mess even if they are dropped. This image comes from Bread and Honey Blog. Unfortunately she does not give much of a description on how she put these together, but from what I can guess you just:

1. Glue some decorations to the lid

2. After the glue dries completely, fill the jar with fake snow flakes.

3. Put the lid on and you’ve got yourself a homemade snow globe!

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Have you ever made a homemade snow globe? How did it turn out and do you have any tips on making them?

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  1. Hello says

    I once made snow globes at home and it did not turn out well. You need to add an amount ( that I don’t know) of some liquid that I think had alcohol in it.

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