Homemade Sunscreen Recipe: SPF 40 and Non Toxic!

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When I was younger I spent more than my fair share of time out in the sun and also ended up with quite a few sunburns. Since that time I’ve become a little more educated on the dangers of sun exposure and am now very diligent to apply sunscreen and limit my time in the sun…especially at our high altitude here in Denver which makes sunburns an all too frequent occurrence.

But that’s not the end of the story…

Recently I stumbled upon an episode of  Dr. Oz during during which they discuss the dangers of some of the most common chemical ingredients in sunscreen. Some of these dangers include cancer (specifically breast cancer), endocrine system disruption and hormone issues. Yikes. Cancer from sunscreen….whhhhaaat? Well that’s an issue…a big issue! Certainly though, we still need to have a way to protect our skin from the sun… 

This is why I’ve decided to start making my own Homemade Non-Toxic SPF40 Sunscreen using Young Living Essential Oils! Did you know that Coconut Oil ranges between 2-8 SPF, but Carrot Seed essential oil has an SPF of 38-40?!

SPF 40 Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

1/4 cup Coconut Oil
20 drops of Young Living Carrot Seed Essential Oil
8 drops of Young Living Lavender Oil

1. Whip Coconut Oil into a body butter consistency
2. Mix in Young Living Carrot Seed Essential Oil and Young Living Lavender Oil
3. Store inside a glass jar in a cool, dry place (your refrigerator is perfect) and apply to skin as needed

Optional: This sunscreen recipe is not waterproof, so  you will want to reapply after getting wet or sweating. If you would like to make it more waterproof you can mix in 1/2 cup melted beeswax and 2 Tbsp zinc oxide. Make sure to keep the zinc oxide away from children and do not inhale it. It is fine to use on the skin, just not to ingest.

Young Living’s essential oils are therapeutic grade and therefore safe to apply to skin. Young Living is the only brand of essential oils that I use and recommend. 


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  1. Ann says

    Does the coconut oil have to be whipped? If using fractionated coconut oil could I just mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well before using?

    • says

      Nope, not at all for me Johanna. :) Coconut Oil actually makes a great moisturizer even if you’re not using it in a sunscreen recipe. It is known to soften and soothe skin, is highly absorbent, and is even full of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants.

  2. Janet Loves Great Skin says

    I’m kind of sensitive to sunscreen products and now it looks even more scary. It’s amazing that carrot seed essential oil has SPF 38-40. Would love to try this sunscreen recipe, but what is the shelf-life for this homemade sunscreen?

  3. Susy says

    Do you have a suggestion other than lavender to make the lotion smell nice? Lavender gives me migraines.

  4. Sarah r. says

    How much is carrot seed oil and is it something I could buy individually? Also how long would it take to get?

    • says

      Sarah~ The Carrot Seed has 38-40 SPF, so that is really the biggest chunk of the sun protection. The Lavender is just to make it smell a little nicer…that is unless you don’t mind smelling like carrots. 😉

  5. Rachel says

    I use carrot seed oil as well and it works great on me and my kids! I do have to apply a little more frequently, but I’m okay with that to keep away all of the harmful toxic chemicals in regular sunscreen.

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