*HOT* Denver Post Subscription Deal: Get up to 5 Papers for .59 each!

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I am so excited to announce that I am offering another *HOT* deal on the Denver Post  for all you local readers!

For all orders placed through July 1st, Bargain Blessings will be offering a $10 King Soopers gift card and you can get up to 5! This means that you can get up to five copies of the Denver Post delivered right to your door for only .59 each. That is only $2.95 for 5 papers every week!

If you are new to couponing and you do not have a subscription to the Sunday paper already, it is definitely one thing that you will want to get. Just about every week the Sunday paper comes packed full of coupons that make all of our deals possible! Wondering why you would want to get more than one subscription? More papers = more coupons. It’s that simple. When the next big deal or freebie comes around, trust me, you’ll want those extra coupon inserts that will make it possible for you to stock up!

Here are your subscription options:

Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and other I25 Corridor Areas

Sunday + Holidays Only Delivery -20 Weeks $21.80 ($1.09 per week)
-$10 King Soopers Gift Card from Bargain Blessings
=$11.80 (only .59 per week)!

Saturday & Sunday Delivery -16 Weeks $20.80 ($1.30 per week)
-$10 King Soopers Gift Card from Bargain Blessings
=$10.80 (only .68 per week)!

Thursday – Sunday Delivery -12 Weeks $21.00 ($1.75 per week)
-$10 King Soopers Gift Card from Bargain Blessings
=$11.00 (.91 per week)!

Daily Delivery -8 Weeks $25.50 ($3.19 pre week)
-$10 King Soopers Gift Card from Bargain Blessings
=$15.50 ($1.93 per week)!

Western Slope (Grand Junction and San Luis Valley)

Sunday + Holidays Only Delivery -26 Weeks $26 ($1 per week)
-$10 King Soopers Gift Card from Bargain Blessings
=$16 (only .61 per week)!

Sunday + Holidays Only Delivery -52 Weeks $52 ($1 per week)
-$10 King Soopers Gift Card from Bargain Blessings
=$16 (only .80 per week)!

Now here are a few details to note, before you place your order:

*Your credit card will be charged for the total amount of the subscription. For example, if you order two Sunday subscriptions in the Denver area, your card will be charged for $43.60. You will then receive a $20 King Soopers gift card from Bargain Blessings.

*Gift Cards will be mailed out 4-6 weeks after your subscription starts.

*You will receive a $10 King Soopers gift card for each subscription that you order. For example, if you order five subscriptions, you will receive a $50 King Soopers gift card from Bargain Blessings!

*You can expect your subscription(s) to start the Sunday after you place your order as long as your order is placed by Friday morning at 8:00am.

*This offer is only valid for new or additional subscriptions and cannot be used to modify existing subscriptions. If you already receive one Sunday paper and you place an order for four additional papers, you will start receiving five delivered papers each week.

*This promotional deal through Bargain Blessings price is only good once. When your subscription(s) runs out (in 20 weeks for Sunday only subscribers in the I25 corridor) you will receive an offer to renew your subscription from the Denver Post.

Head on over HERE  to place your order.

I hope that helps to answer all your questions! If you have any others please feel free to leave a comment or contact me at bargainblessings (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. MJ says

    Are there any good deals like this out there still? I’m tired of racing to the store every Sunday for a paper, only to find the shelf cleared.
    Thanks! :)

    PS – Love your site! Discovered it through another coupon site and I love that you are in CO too so your examples are local.

  2. Angela Wurtsmith says

    Is this deal still good I live on the western slope and wanting to get delivery and the deal. Thanks

  3. Annette says

    Hi Jennie, I am new to Bargain Blessings, and I just saw this awesome deal. Will you be running this offer again? I’m assuming it’s too late now to get in on this offer? Thanks!

  4. Heather says

    Hello, I had thought that I had signed up but have not recieved a paper yet. I was just wondering if I had signed up correctly…Thanks for all you do!

  5. jen says

    Hi: I was a bit late signing up for this deal, I missed that there was a deadline of July 1st before I signed up? :(

    Any chance that it’s still active? Will I get an email confirmation of my final charges & do I still qualify for the King Soopers cards?


  6. Lisa says

    I took advantage of this great deal, but I never received any conformation on if you or the post received it. Will I be getting any conformation if I was in time or not, it took my credit card ok?

  7. Laura says

    Hi! I *thought* I had gotten this, but haven’t gotten anything from anyone… I was wondering if you could check (whenever you can… I know it’s a holiday weekend) if I had gotten the deal. I had put my CC# in… but I don’t remember if I had gotten to the confirmation page. I’ll be so bummed if I didn’t do it correctly!

    • says

      Laura~ I did receive your order and your subscription should have started today. :) If it did not, please call the Post directly at (303) 832-3232 and they will be able to find out why it didn’t get delivered.

      • Laura says

        I just called them and they don’t have my information. What should I do? I bet this is a pain for you!! Thanks for doing this for us though!

    • says

      Hi Maria~ The confirmation is actually shown after you hit Submit on the form. I did receive your order, but the Denver Post actually will not deliver to PO Box. If you have a street address that you can give me, please e-mail me at bargainblessings (at) gamil (dot) com. Thanks!

  8. Andrea says

    I am interested in this deal for when my family moves from Florida in about 3 weeks. Can you let me know if or when another deal like this will arise? I do not how much a the paper costs on Sunday. In FL, I can get the Sunday paper for 50 cents each. Some of the deals you listed included weekdays as well. In your experience in Denver, is it beneficial to get weekday papers as well or just the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper? Thanks in advance for your insight.

    • Nicole says

      Hey Andrea! I got a Denver post subscription for Sunday only (from the newspaper) and occasionally they run their own gift card promos for new subscriptions (but not that often!). The published rate on their website is the same $1.09 that Jennie has, but the $10 gift card is definitely better than what you can get ordering directly.
      When I need extra papers I go to the dollar store to get them for $1/each, the grocery stores sell them for $1.50/each. I only get the Sunday paper, and get an extra insert from my mom – she saves all the coupons for me from her papers (she gets them during the week) and I’ve only gotten a few random coupons from non-Sunday papers. I’d stick with the Sunday only.

    • says

      Andrea~ Your best bet is to go with Sunday only. Nicole’s answers on pricing is right on. Feel free to e-mail me when you get to Denver, and we can work out some sort of deal for you. 😉

  9. Tina says

    I submitted a request for a Post subscription two days ago and received a confirmation from you on the 24th (same day as this post). Does that mean I got in on this deal?

    Thanks so much,

  10. Julianne says

    Curious i did this deal the last time and so did my mother in law and we havn’t recieved our gift cards yet?

  11. Denise says

    When I went to click on “HERE”, my anti-virus software popped up and said in big letters, “FRADULENT WEB PAGE BLOCKED”; THIS WEBPAGE IS A KNOWN FRADULENT WEB PAGE. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU DO NOT VISIT THIS PAGE. The reason I’m mentioning this is because I’ve never seen this message from my anti-virus software. Is this page OK to visit? I would like to order the Denver Post from you. Thanks.

  12. Delayna says

    Hi, I signed for 2 papers at the last coupon class and I was wondering when we will get the king soopers gift cards?

    Thanks Delayna

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