*HOT* FREE Shoprunner Membership for 2013 for Existing Members!

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shoprunner-free-membershipWowie! Check out the e-mail that I just received and that I’m guessing some of you received too! It looks like for some of us that had a membership in 2012, they are going to extend it for FREE through 2013!

The e-mail that I received was from the address info@mail.shoprunner.com and had the subject line “Your Membership Has Been Extended!”. Make sure to check your spam folder if you have trouble finding it in case it got filtered in there by mistake.

Come back and let us know if you received this e-mail!


  1. Melissa K says

    I did not get the email, and my membership didn’t automatically extend, but I wonder if it’s because I had my account set to “Do Not Automatically Renew.” Did anyone else have their account set to this, but still had their membership renew for another year for free?

    • says

      That is how I had my account set Melissa. Maybe it has to do with the trail or membership you originally signed up for? I know mine was a free trial, but I don’t remember which trial it was. I guess you could always try contacting them to request the deal.

    • Robert says

      Mine is set to do not renew, but was extended a couple of days ago, and I did get the email announcing it. I checked my account and the extention is there. Mine was a free one year membership to start with.

      • Melissa K says

        Thanks for the info Robert & Jennie! I called ShopRunner and they said not everyone received the email and thus weren’t offered the promo. However, because I called, they said they would renew my membership for free for another 90 days and if I made 3 qualifying purchases using ShopRunner w/in 90 days of that call to them yesterday, then they would extend my membership for another year for free! Yeah! Looks like I’ve got some online shopping to do! :)

  2. teresa says

    thanks for pointing this out! My extension was in my box today as well. I really only use it for Toys R Us and Dominos Pizza, but I am very happy to have it again especially for free

  3. Jessica says

    I got the email this morning as well! A super score! We don’t use it enough to jusitfy renewing, but it has saved us a bunch!

  4. tristan says

    I didn’t receive an e-mail, but when I just logged into my Shoprunner account it says that my account expires in 1 year on 12/31/2013. So I got extended a year for free too. Score!!!! :) :) :)

  5. Brittany says

    I’m not seeing this email :( Hopefully it will come soon – I would love to have an extended membership! Jennie, when did yours come?

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