*HOT* Join Me for a FREE Couponing Class {an Online Event} on September 2nd!

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One week from today, on September 2nd, I will be teaching a FREE Couponing and Grocery Savings Class – online! Regardless of where in the country you live, you are welcome to join us! We are offering this class online so that everyone near and far can attend and benefit from these life changing secrets of couponing and strategic shopping!

Here are all the important details:

Couponing and Grocery Savings Workshop

Location: Online
Date: Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014
Time: 7:00-9:00pm MT
Tickets: $20 FREE!
How to Reserve Your Spot: Visit the Event Page to reserve your spot and don’t forget to invite family and friends!

During this workshop we will cover in-depth the two key ways to slash your bill at the grocery store:


Realistic Couponing

Learn to save 50% or more by using coupons in a realistic way that doesn’t take hours and hours of time. Here are just a few topics that Jennie will cover during this portion of the workshop:

-How to get started with couponing
-How to pair coupons strategically with store sales
-How coupons work and how they benefit not only shoppers, but stores too
-Coupon organization
-Where to find the highest value coupons
-How to coupon in an ethical way
-Store coupon policies
-How to use coupon match-ups to save yourself hours of time
-Couponing apps that will allow you to save on the go


Strategic Grocery Shopping

Saving at the grocery store goes beyond using coupons! Learn to save even more by shopping strategically. Here are just a few topics that I will cover during this portion of the workshop:

-The best day and time to grocery shop
-Spending traps to watch out for at the grocery store
-How sales cycles work and how they can be used to cut your grocery bill in half
-How to save on organic products at the grocery store
-Ways to save on produce, meat and dairy products


Following the workshop all attendees will receive a copy of our exclusive Grocery Price Guidebook! This tool will show you when to buy and when to hold off for a better deal.

King Soopers is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Bargain Blessings Grocery Savings workshops!


    • says

      Hi Amanda~ You should still be able to view the event page with or without being on Facebook. If you check it on Tuesday you will find the link to the class. :)

    • says

      Hi Stacy~ Yes, you can join without Facebook. I will be sharing a link on the event page (which I believe you should still be able to access w/o a FB account, let me know if you can’t). So, just make sure to mark your calendar and check that page for the webinar link on Tuesday. :)

  1. sherri says

    I took the beginners class at the beginning of this year is this a similar class? I don’t want to take up a spot if I already took this class. Jennie your awesome for doing this class for free!!

    • says

      Hi Sherri~ Yes, it is. :) You are more than welcome to join us again if you would like a refresher. We have space for 3,000 and just under 300 RSVP’d so far – so there is lots of space!

  2. Nicole Jacobs says

    I have been waiting and waiting for this class, sssooooo excited! And wouldn’t you know, I have to work ONE night next week and it’s Tuesday! Is there any chance this class will be recorded? Thanks, Nicole

    • says

      Hi Nicole~ So sorry to hear that you’ll have to miss the class! The recording *may* be available for 24 hours after the class, but it is not guaranteed by the service that I’ll be using. Make sure to still RSVP on the event page and I will share a link there if it is available. :)

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