*HOT* Safeway Cheese Sale + Stacking Catalina Deal!

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Safeway is running a Cheese Mix & Match Buy One, Get One Free Event this week and it is really making for some fantastic deals. There also happens to be a stacking Kraft Catalina deal that lines up perfectly with this sale!

Catalina Details: Buy participating Kraft products between 3/2 and 3/18. Participating items include Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Cooking Creme, or Pure Indulgence, Kraft MilkBite Bars, Kraft Singles, Kraft Fresh Take.

Buy 3, Get $2
Buy 4, Get $3
Buy 5 or more, Get $4

Remember, at Safeway you can only use a manufacturer coupon on the item that you are paying for in a BOGO sale.

Here are a bunch of scenarios to get you started. Please keep in mind that these prices may vary a little by region.

Buy (6) Philadelphia Cream Cheese Buy One at $2.79, Get One Free
-$4 Catalina
=.73 each! A

Buy (6) Philadelphia Cooking Creme Buy One at $3.49, Get One Free
-$1.50/2 Philadelphia Coupon
-.55 MQ (2/26 SS)
-$4 Catalina
=.66 each! A

Buy (6) Philadelphia Indulgence Spreads Buy One at $3.99, Get One Free
-(3) .75 MQ (2/26 SS)
-$4 Catalina
=.82 each! A

Buy (6) Kraft Singles or Velveeta Slices Buy One at $3.99, Get One Free
-$4 Catalina
=$1.33 each! A-

Buy (6) Kraft Fresh Take Buy One at $3.99, Get One Free
-(3) $1 MQs (2/26 SS) or .75 Kraft Fresh Take Coupon
-$4 Catalina
=.83 each! A

Buy (6) Kraft Milk Bites Buy One at $3.99, Get One Free
-(3) .75 MQs (2/26 SS)
-$4 Catalina
=.82 each! A

Buy (6) Cracker Barrel Chunk Cheese Buy One Buy One at $5.49, Get One Free
-$1/2 Blinkie Coupon (found in some stores)
-$4 Catalina
=$1.91 each wyb 6! A

There are also some very nice deals on items that are not participating in the catalina deal:

Buy (4) Kraft Shredded Cheese Buy One at $3.99, Get One Free (not included in the catalina deal)
-.50/2 Kraft Coupon  (zip 98520)
=$1.74 each! A-
*I’m not sure which sized bags this price is for, but either way it should make for a great deal! 

Tillamook Cheese Slices, 8 oz Buy One at $3.49, Get One Free
=$1.75 each! A

Sargento Shredded Cheese, 5-8 oz Buy One at $3.79, Get One Free
=$1.89! A-

Frigo String Cheese, 16 oz Buy One at $5.49, Get One Free
-.55 MQ (1/29 SS)
=$2.25 each! A

(Thanks Thrifty NW Mom!)


  1. Erica says

    There is a coupon for -$1/2 jars Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce in the April issue of Family Fun magazine, making them $.50 each!

  2. Fran says

    Thanks mommy kane- I didn’t relize it was the cheese but thanks for answering anyway, that is perfect i will have to go tomorrow and get me some goodies :)

  3. Fran says

    I have a question can I buy 4 items @ 4for 10 use 4-1/MQ s and still get the 5.00off coupon for the frozen foods? Or will I have to buy another 4.00 in frozen food?

    • Mommy Kane says

      Hi Fran, I am a little confused since you posted under the cheese deal (which is now expired I think), but I will respond with an answer for the frozen foods deal which is what I think you are looking for.

      I have done this a few times already. Basically you just need your total before MC, but after Safeway deals/coupons to be $10. Then you can use as many MC that apply to the items you are purchasing. You will receive a cat for $5 off your next frozen food purchase of $5 or more from the ‘new’ items. These all seem to have tags, I do wonder tho if these will also work on any frozen?
      For instance, On Sat I bought a gal tub of ice cream and one of the new digorno pizza stix kits, which totaled $10.49, then I used a $5 frozen food cat from last week to pay. I then received another $5 off new frozen food cat and a cat for $2.50 off 2 Digorno printed as well. So today I took both those cat offers and bought 2 more digorno pizza stix for $10, used the cat for $2.50 off and the $5 off frozen and my total was $2.50, plus i got another $5 off frozen cat. This is a great deal!!
      I hope that helps! :)

      • Hazel says

        Nope, it doesn’t. The wee fuzzballs want to know what time dinner is :)

        With an appetizer of Milky Way Bunnies & Snickers Eggs, a main course of Pizza followed by ice cream – they’re packing their little “Going to HurriKane’s” bags and leaving me behind with a can of cat food.

        • Mommy Kane says

          I know right! I am having a hard time storing the pizza’s. Going to use them for a party, but I keep wanting to go cook them now. They come with garlic butter and marinara dipping sauce! Hazel you need to go get some!

  4. Leslie says

    I just got in on these deals, woohoo! I did my transactions in 4’s as suggested by Tere. And the cooking cremes at my store were only 2.99, so I got 4 of them for $1 total! (5.98 minus 2 coupons that doubled, minus $3 catalina). Love the cheese, now i just have to figure out what fabulous things to make with my new finds!

  5. Joan says

    I tried to use Jennie’s link for the .75/1 fresh takes but it didn’t work. Is there another link? Please??? Thanks.

    Tere–I guess every store just wants to do their own thing. It’s frustrating sometimes and other times it works in our favor. That’s just life.

  6. christina says

    you can mix and match! yesterday I did 3 transaction.

    1st.. 4 cooking creams, 2 fresh take,..got $4.00 cat

    2nd.. 4 shredded cheese.. got $3.00 cat

    3rd.. 6 kraft singles.. got $4.00 cat!

  7. AMY says

    I just checked the list of Kraft items included in the Catalina deal and it says, “Kraft Natural Cheese (blocks, shredded, sticks, cubes, slices),” so it should make this deal even better:
    Buy (4) Kraft Shredded Cheese Buy One at $3.99, Get One Free
    -.50/2 Kraft Coupon (zip 98520)
    -$4 Catalina
    =$0.75 each!

    My Kraft coupon expired yesterday, but even without the coupon the deal would be:
    Buy (4) Kraft Shredded Cheese Buy One at $3.99, Get One Free
    -$4 Catalina
    =$1.00 each!

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I will this weekend.

  8. christina says

    So can I use a catalina that I got from the kraft deal to pay for another transaction and will another catalina print out? I want to make sure before I use them on more kraft deal! :)

  9. Joan says

    Really? Are you sure? What if I am able to use 6 $1/1 coupons? Then wouldn’t it be a better deal to buy 6 products? I have a cashier that will let me do this. Thanks.

    • Tere says

      Yes, I am sure. The Safeway corporate coupon policy does NOT allow coupons to be used on items made free by a buy one get one free promotion. Although your cashier may allow it, it is not correct or ethical and they could risk getting in trouble for accepting coupons on the free item.

  10. Tere says

    FYI – This Kraft catalina turns out to be a better deal if you buy in groups of 4 because of the bogo deal:

    Buy 4, get $3 OYNO = $0.75 savings per item
    Buy 6, get $4 OYNO = $0.66 savings per item

    Sure, the original cat deal is buy 5, get $4 (savings of $0.80 per item), but since the items are bogo, you either have to buy 4 or 6. So, it turns out to be a better deal if you buy 4.

  11. Stephanie says

    Mmmm :) Does Cream cheese freeze well we love it but Im not sure we could eat that much fast enough!

    • Ashley Savage says

      Cream cheese has a super long shelf life. It will be quite a while before they expire at all. I have heard that they freeze well, but I’ve never had to try it myself!

  12. Robin says

    To Jodiann – Yes you can use the catalina to buy more cheese if you like. I did this at lunch today and received another $4.

  13. kelly says

    I just went to Safeway and purchased 6 kraft singles and no Catalina printed out.

    Also tried cream cheese, purchased 6 and no catalina? Do you have any suggestions?

    • Joan says

      I bought 6 of the soft cream cheese (the ones in the round tub) and got the cat. so I don’t know why you didn’t. Call the catalina company to get your cat. mailed to you.

  14. Amy says

    I need Kraft Singles and I’ve been wanting to try the Milk Bites, which are both $3.99. Since they don’t take coupons for free items, if I buy 4 Singles and 2 Milk Bites, will they take 2 Milk Bites coupons? What determines which of the 6 items are the free items?

  15. Angalee says

    Can you do more than one of these deals in one transaction and still get all the catalinas or will each transaction only print one catalina?

    • says

      Usually with deals like this you can only get one per transaction…so I would stick to just one to play it safe. That is unless any of you have tried more than one! :)

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