*HOT* Zulily Muk Luks Sale: Boots, Gloves, Hats, Scarves and More!

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Bonus Update: You can also try using the coupon code USGENZUL26 to save $5 off a $50 purchase!

Eeeeeeee! Oh I’m just a tad excited. 😉 Muk Luks are back on Zulily right now and they have some seriously adorable items! Every time they have this sale I spend entirely too much money on it, but Muk Luks are just so awesome to lounge around in and I love, love, love them for gifts! I actually first found out about the brand when a friend got me a pair of their boots as a gift and every since then I’ve been in love.

The awesome thing about this sale is that they not only have boots but also mittens, hats, scarves, arm warmers, boot warmers and more!

Don’t forget, if this is your first time shopping on Zulily, your order will ship for FREE when you show through this link. Items are selling out extremely fast, so make sure to get those items in your cart and get checked out.


  1. Hazel says

    Aye this post cracked me up. A person would think you like these things or something.

    Calm down, breathe, count to 10. Wait, don’t hesitate. She who hesitates is Muk-Lukless.

    • says

      Oh there is no calming down when it goes to me and Muk Luks. :) And SO true…she who hesitates is Muk-Lukless! One of my pairs of boots sold out while I had them in my cart! Thank goodness I was able to snag another similar style…it could have been a really bad day. :)

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