How Do Double Coupons Work at King Soopers?

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I’ve seen quite a few questions lately from new couponers that want to understand how double coupons work at King Soopers. Let’s address the topic! :) Here are seven things that you need to know about double coupons at King Soopers:

1. King Soopers doubles manufacturer coupons all the time and all you need to do is use your King Soopers cards in order for your coupons to double. 

2. eCoupons and King Soopers coupons do not double.

3. After your King Soopers card is scanned at the register, your coupons will double automatically. There is nothing special that the cashier needs to do.

4. King Soopers will double coupons up to $1 or to the sale price of a product. Here are a few examples:


5. When using a coupon on a Mega Event item, it will double to the pre-Mega Event sales price. Since Mega Event saving are deducted separately from the sale price of items, this allows the coupon value to double beyond what you will actually be paying for a product after the Mega Event savings. Here is an example from a Buy 10, Save $5 Mega Event ($0.50 per item savings):

-a .75 off coupon is used on a product that is on sale for $1.25 before $0.50 per item Mega Event savings ($0.75 after $0.50 per item Mega Event savings) will still double up to $1, resulting in a $0.25 “money making” scenario

6. There are a few select coupons that are coded not to double. Most coupon bar-codes will start with a 5 (meaning that a coupon will double), but if you come across a coupon that has a bar-code starting with a 9 it will not double. 

7. All of the final prices in our King Soopers coupon match-ups here on Bargain Blessings are based on Double Coupons.

Have more questions about how double coupons work? Leave me a comment on this post and I’d be happy to help.



  1. Melissa says

    Hello I was wondering why king soopers was not doubleing to a $1 for the last 2 day I went yesterday and I had a .50 q and it added .25 so only took off .75
    so Maruchan 1.19 had .50 off q only took off .75 should i talk to customer service?

  2. Kayleen says

    Hi Jennie:
    If coupons barcode start with “5” but on the top it said “Do Not Double”, should KS or Safeway still should double them or not?

    Coz KS and Safeway paid for the double coupons to get customers in is that right?
    Also I have a coupon that starts with “5” but on the small print, it said “Do not double”, the machine automatically double it, but KS coupon police cashier manually forced the machine to not doubling it. Is she allowed to do so?

    • says

      Hi Kayleen~ In that case the coupons will still double 99.9% of the time. The only exception would be if you have an extremely picky cashier (like you ran into). In that case there unfortunately is just not much you can do. As a general rule, it is perfectly find to use those as a doubled coupon though – because they are coded to double. Great question. :)

  3. sarah says

    A printed catalina from king soopers which is a manufacturer coupon, will that double?
    For example: $.75 off of one 2-liter 7up TEN (manufacturer coupon), will that double up to $1?

      • Emily P says

        $1.50-$1 (doubled coupon)= $0.50
        $0.50 – $0.50 (mega event savings) = $0.00

        What am I missing? Where is the $0.25 moneymaker coming from?

        • says

          Sorry for the confusion Emily. That should have said $1.25. Here is what the scenario would look like in that case:

          Product XYZ $1.50
          -.75 off coupon (will double up to $1)
          -.50 per item Mega Event Savings
          =.25 Money Maker

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