How Much Do CFL Light Bulbs Save? Plus, How to Get Them for Less!

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saving-on-cfl-light-bulbsDid you know that replacing a incandescent light bulb with a CFL bulb can save you $6 a year in electricity costs and more than $40 over its lifetime? Here is a great tip on how to save on CFL bulbs from reader Kristy!

CFL bulbs were on my needs list and I have found the Walmart Great Value brand to work just as well for much less than GE! Honestly, the only times I shop at Walmart is when I need these.

Here are the prices that I found at my store:

Box of (4) Great Value 60 Watt CFL bulbs for $1.88 (just .47 each)

Box of (4) Great Value 75 Watt CFL bulbs for $4.88 (just $1.22 each)

Thanks for the great tip Kristy!

Have you switched to CFL bulbs in your home? If so, have you noticed a drop in your monthly energy bill?


  1. Hazel says

    Where do you take them to dispose of them? I haven’t read the back of the package in a while, but their little warning labels are a wee bit freaky.

    I’m down with something/anything that isn’t GE, that’s for sure.

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