How to Make Bath Fizzies and Homemade Gift Boxes!

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My wonderfuly creative (and just wonderful in general ;)) best friend Alyssa has one more homemade gift idea to share with us! She also is going to wrap up the homemade gift series with some tips on packing them all up in a super cute fashion!

How to make Bath Fizzies:

If you are still looking for a really last minute creative gift, I have one more idea for you.These took a little bit more work but they were definitely worth it. The things that I needed to hunt down to make these were a silicone mold that was the right size and shape. I found this snowflake one at Joanne’s Fabric for 60% off making it $4. The other thing was citric acid. I ended up getting mine on Amazon but I did see it at Vitamin Cottage as well.

Mix together and then sift out large chunks of:
1/2 cup citric acid
1 cup baking soda
3/4 cup corn starch
1/4 cup sugar

In a spray bottle, mix water, the scent you want your fizzies and food coloring if you are planning
to color your fizzies.

Lightly mist your dry mixture with the water mixture, mixing with your hand as you mist. Make sure it isn’t fizzing. If it is, you are adding too much water. The best way to describe how to know if it is ready is that the mixture will feel dry but you will be able to mold it and it will stick together. Firmly pack the mixture into your mold and let them dry over night or longer. I have also found that after you let them set over night you can heat them up the oven to warm. Pre-heat your oven to  170 degrees, turn it off and then put your fizzies inside while the oven cools. The key to doing this is to make sure that the fizzies are dry before putting them in the oven. If you put them in before they are dry,  then turn the oven off and stick in your fizzies and they will rise and become a big mess…speaking from experience! 😉

Since I was doing so many homemade gifts this year, I decided to use boxes instead of baskets. I was able to get 8 large boxes for $6.  After addeing everything up I spent just $13 per box! It was a lot of work and organizing to get it all together, but it was so worth it! Hopefully I have been able to help some of you with your homemade gifts this year.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Niki says

    I was wondering where I could find the Lavender and Vanilla Sugar Scrub directions?
    Great idea!!! Thanks :)

  2. Grace says

    Where can you buy citric acid? I made a batch of these a few wks ago with some citric acid i ordered online, but now i’m out of time to order more. I asked at walmart and they looked at me like i was crazy.

    • Alyssa says

      Hey Erika, I got my scents at Michael’s. They have a section for making soaps and such. Essential oils probably would have been really nice but they were really pricey. I don’t have the oils anymore so I can’t give you a brand or anything. Hope that helps!

    • Alyssa says

      Hey Lauren, it really depends on the size of your mold. If I remember correctly I think that one batch did 20 of these snow flakes. Your working with 2 1/2 cups in a batch. Hope that helps some.

    • Alyssa says

      Hey Lisa, you could try skipping this step but with the shape of these I found that it was hard to get the little corners and detail dry and hard without doing it. This step was also kind of a short cut for me because I did so many batches of these that I wasn’t patient enough to let them dry completely on their own. Even when I let them dry all night and most of the day there was still damp spots on the corners. Good luck! I would love to hear how yours turn out!

  3. says

    I LOVE making these!! I use a wisk instead of my hands to mix. When the powder starts to make a loose ball in the wisk, you know that you are close to done adding your liquid!
    Thanks SO much for sharing!

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