How to Make Colorful Deviled Eggs

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Isn’t it a bummer how we go to all of the hard work of dying Easter eggs only to have to throw the beautiful shells away in order to eat them? This year, make the edible part beautiful, and add some color to the Easter meal. Here’s how:

egg-1 Prepare eggs as you normally would for deviled eggs (hard boil, peel, etc.).

egg-2 When the egg whites are cut in half and the yolks have been placed in a separate bowl to be mixed with your favorite deviled egg ingredients (mayonnaise, mustard, etc.), place the egg white halves in small bowls or cups filled with a mixture of water and food coloring (more coloring= darker shades of the color). Unlike dying the shells, using vinegar in the mixture will affect the taste of the cooked egg whites so it is not used.

egg-3When the whites have turned the color you want, remove them from the water mixture. Let them dry on a paper towel.

egg-4 Fill each half with some of the prepared deviled egg mixture. Top with paprika and serve


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