How to Prevent From Overspending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Black Friday University!

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1. Do Your Research
This is my #1 most important tip and is a must-do for all Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers! Sure there are thousands of “deals”, but what is really a “deal”? It is not uncommon for retailers will slowly raise the regular price of an item before the end of November, just to it appears to be a good deal come Black Friday. I cannot stress how important it is to know what you are shopping for and what your price point for the item is. One of my favorite places to research prices is Amazon. Another great place to go if you are unsure which retail has the best price on an item is’s Answers section where the Deal Pros to help you find the best price. Lastly, you can always feel free to leave a comment on the Bargain Blessings Facebook page and I’ll do my best to help you find those sweet deals on the items you are looking for.

2. Have a List and Stick to It
If you don’t have a list you won’t know what be able to do your research and you might be tempted to snatch up things that you don’t need or that are not a good deal. Know who you are shopping for and what your budget is.

3. Buy a Pre-Paid Debit Card
If you really have trouble sticking to a budget, I suggest leaving the credit cards at home and if you are not comfortable bringing cash, get a pre-paid debit card. Load your debit card with your gift-buying budget and once it is gone it is gone!

4. Shop Online
As you all have already started to see, the online deals are hands down better than the in-store deals this year. Sure, there are a few items that will be cheaper in the store, but for the most part online is going to be the place to shop for bargains this year!

5. Use Cashback Websites When Shopping Online
It is FREE money people! You should never shop online without first checking a cashback website! Ebates  is running some fabulous high-cashback promotions this year, so you will definitely want to get signed-up  with them if you have not already done so. I plan to have my Ebates page open all day on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so when that HOT deal pops-up all I have to do is search for the store and off I go!

6. Get Prepared
Make sure to check out my post on Black Friday Shopping Tips and Secrets!


  1. Jesseca says

    I am on the hunt for a great deal on a laptop. I don’t need anything super fancy. I primarily use my computer for online kinds of things and my kids love playing games/watching shows or movies. I have seen a few laptops listed at Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Office Depot for Black Friday sales, but I’m not sure what is a Really good deal. I am a single mom and Every penny counts in a HUGE way. I want to make sure I am getting the best bang for my buck! Can you help??? Thanks!!!!

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