How to Stay Fit on a Budget: Tips to be Successful!

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This morning I shared some tips on Good Day Colorado about how to stay fit on a budget. It actually is possible get or stay in shape without breaking the bank. Here are some of the strategies that I have used over the years to help me accomplish my fitness goals regardless of the size of my bank account.

Do Your Research on Gym Memberships
Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples by factoring in any new member fees that they gym may charge. It is also a good idea to ask if the gym will allow you a free trial period to test everything out. When you do go to try out the gym or to purchase your membership I recommend that you go during the time that you would like to workout. This will allow you to take a look around and make sure that the gym is not going to be too packed for you to do your thing!

Check at Costco for Discounted Memberships
I recently picked up a two year 24 Hour Fitness membership from Costco that works out to be just over $15 per month. That is less than what I would have paid if I went directly through 24 Hour. You can sometimes find these discounted memberships up near the front of the store by the gift cards.

Subscribe to a Discounted Fitness Magazine
If you’ve been a Bargain Blessings reader for a while, you know how many awesome subscription deals we share here. Today you can invest just $3.50 to get an entire year’s subscription to Shape magazine. That is less than what a single issue would cost you at the store! Magazines like Shape are packed with healthy eating tips and workout ideas that will help to kick start your fitness routine.

Workout at Home
Working out at home can save you a significant amout of money if you do it right. One of the reasons why I love fitness magazines is that they give tons of tips on how you can be just as successful working out at home on your own that you could be in a gym. Don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money on fancy fitness equiptment either. There are many things around each of our homes that can be used to create a great workout.

Shop Smart for Fitness Apparel
If you are going to spend money on fitness apparel, I recommended investing in a good pair of shoes. This is where you are going to get the most bang for your buck. Once you have your shoes, make sure to take care of them; try not to wear them out to the store or anywhere else other than where you are working out. When it is time to pick up a few items of clothing, make sure to shop around for those too. I recently came very close to purchasing a pair of workout pants from a sporting goods store, but decided to hold off at the last moment. I was later glad that I waited becuase I found an almost identical pair of pants at Walmart for 80% less the next week!


  1. Sunnie says

    My aunt just bought her memberships at Costco. I used to do 10 mintues a day from my on demand when I had comcast. Now I have directv and I just started dvr’ing some exercise programs. I have a couple of weights that I use during the workouts.

  2. Michelle via Facebook says

    Don’t forget working at a gym! You can work only 2 hours a week, get paid AND get free membership!!

  3. AMY says

    Great tips. Here are a few more I do. I get workout DVDs from the library for free. If I find one I really like and I want to add it to my collection, I comparison shop online and buy it. Amazon is usually where I find the best price, sometimes from “other sellers”. I shop at Big 5 for discounted prices on name brand running shoes. I buy all my other workout clothes from Walmart, usually from the clearance racks. Right after Valentine’s day I found a pair of red Valentine sweats for half price, so $5.

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