Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Kids

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During a holiday traditionally set aside for “lovers”, it is important to keep in mind that Valentine’s Day can be a great intentional opportunity to remind your kiddos how much you love them, too. While kids often celebrate at school with cards and parties, Valentine’s Day does not have to be limited to just that. Consider making Valentine’s Day more than just an excuse to go out on a date with your significant other, and include the whole family in the festivities. Here are some ways to do just that.

Red and Pink Family Dinner

Create a special meal at home for the family that is exclusively Valentine colors. Be creative with how you can turn things into those colors such as making pink milk and mashed potatoes by adding a little red food coloring. Think about foods that are red and pink to create the menu including ham, cherry tomatoes, berries, red velvet cookies, etc. Solicit ideas of red foods from the kids, and have fun creating the menu. Do you think pasta would turn pink in red-colored water?!?! It is worth a try, right?


Surprise gifts and treats

For the little ones, consider doing a gift scavenger hunt similar to an Easter basket hunt. Set a trail of candy hearts throughout the house that leads to a special small gift for Valentine’s Day. For older kids who are in school, surprise them with a gift or treat when they get home from school by having it on their bed. They might not discover it until later in the evening, but it will be a sweet surprise and a great reminder of your love for them.


Get festive!

Don’t let the end of the holiday season and festivities in addition to the chilly weather keep spirits down. Get back into a festive mood by decorating the house for Valentine’s Day. Have the kids help as a fun indoor activity that is out of the norm. Allow them to even decorate their rooms with red and white paper chains or strands of paper hearts. Be creative and think about what ordinary places could use some extra cheer. Use window clings on anything glass (not just windows) including flower vases or to jazz up dinner plates/cups.

14 Reasons Why I Love You…

Because there are 14 days in February leading up to Valentine’s Day, write out 14 reasons why you love each of your kids. Write each one on a heart-shaped sticky note or sheet of paper. Incorporate the presentation of the notes into the family Valentine’s dinner and share them together over dinner.

Let’s make Valentine’s Day an intentional demonstration of why we love our kids this year! Don’t have kids? Consider how you can shower your friends and other family members with expressions of your love and gratitude, and let love live!

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