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Can I open up about something with all of you? As many of you know, I started using Young Living’s essential oils earlier this year after a trusted friend and fellow blogger introduced me to them. Since that time many aspects of my life and health have been positively impacted.

My Decision to Share

A few months ago I decided to share about these oils here on Bargain Blessings. It was a big decision for me to step outside my comfort zone of purely sharing deals – what I’ve been doing for many years now. Also, I honestly wasn’t sure about how some of you would react to the variety in topic. Many of you have been following Bargain Blessings for several years now, and you mean so much to me. I love reading all of your comments and receiving your e-mails of savings success stories – it is such a joy!

So, after mulling it over for a while, I chose to go ahead and open up about my secret love for Young Living’s oils. 😉 Looking back now, I’m so glad I made that choice that has now given me the joy of receiving many positive testimonials of how they are impacting some of your lives also – it has been such a blessing. I’ve always found great pleasure in helping you all save money, but let’s face it, without health money just doesn’t mean that much. I personally learned this lesson during the past two years and have made many changes in my lifestyle since.

Thank you!

After being helped so much by these oils in so many ways, I now have a bit of a hard time keeping my mouth shut about them (ok a lot bit of a hard time). 😉 It’s just one of those things that I want to scream from the mountain tops so that everyone can benefit. I do not believe in a “magic fix all pill” but I do now believe, due to my own personal experiences and research, that the health benefits of essential oils are very real. So, thank you, for allowing me to veer a little bit off our normal savings topics to share this part of my life with you. I hope to be able to share more about a range of healthy topics going forward – in addition to all of the deals that we spend many hours sharing with you all – don’t worry, those are not going anywhere. 

Crunch, crunch, crunch!

In my oils class two weeks ago, one of the attendees who is now also an oil user and believer, mentioned that she was initially hesitant to jump on board because oils seemed just a little too “crunchy”. I could completely identify with this and a few others in the class could too. I don’t want this perception to impact any of your decisions to take the “oily leap”, so for this reason, I’ve decided to take you all on a little journey with me over next week and a half.

Join me on a Journey

Young Living makes nearly two hundred different oils that can help with thousands of different health concerns. The core of these oils is the Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection. The Everyday Oils Collection includes Lavender, Joy, Frankincense, Lemon, Peppermint, Purification, Panaway, Peace & Calming, Thieves and Valor. I use many of these oils every single day in different ways so the name “Everyday Oils” is very appropriate.

Starting tomorrow, with Lavender, I will be going through each of these oils one by one and sharing with you how I use them, how others use them and even how they can save you money!

If you do not yet have an Everyday Oils kit, make sure to check out this deal that is running for just two more weeks! It gives you everything you need to get started plus some awesome freebies including a free $20 Amazon gift card. 😉


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