Join Me on a Journey to a Healthier You with Denver Fitness Boot Camp!

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denver-fitness-bootcampI have a confession to make. I’m guilty of committing the ultimate fitness budget no-no. Two years ago I purchased a 24 Hour Fitness membership from Costco for around $300. At the time it seemed like a great deal since it was good for 2-years, but unfortunately that turned out not to be the case. The problem is that I only used it twice in two years. Yep, I’m not joking…twice. 😕 Looking back, it sure would have been nice to put that $300 in my savings account, used it to pay down my mortgage or heck – I could have bought an entire new wardrobe to fit my now slightly larger bottom. 😉 Lesson learned.

A few months ago, I shared with you my experience with The Digest Diet. As you know, I really loved the diet and highly recommend it (check out the books here) but I did not do the best job at incorporating exercise into the program. My schedule was just too jam packed to even think about getting up at 4:00 in the morning to go to the gym. No thank you sir.

Well, after two years of pretty much sitting on my butt (other than a few nights a week of volleyball), I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. This year I’m trying something different, and it is something that I’m very excited about and also thrilled to be able to share with you local readers. During my quest for a solution to my busy schedule and desire to get in shape, I stumbled upon Denver Fitness Boot Camp. On their website the head trainer, Devin Burnes, says that boot camp attendees can expect to drop unwanted pounds and inches during the first 14 days. He also is Denver’s only personal trainer that guarantees your results. Of course, I was little leery at first, as I always am with these types of things, but I thought hey – I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. Anything to get me motivated and off my booty at this point is a plus.
denver-bootcampSaturday morning I officially started the boot camp program and boy oh boy did it knock my socks off – or maybe I should say knocked my butt off! 😉 The motivational power of having a group of people around you with similar goals is huge. It is such a different environment than going to a gym or working out at home with a video. I’ll be sharing more about what we do in boot camp during the coming weeks, but for now I wanted to encourage you local readers to check out their website before you even think about signing up for a gym membership.

There are tons of things that I love about this program, but one of the features that tops this list is definitely the convenience. They are located right off of I-25 in Greenwood Village, the sessions are just 45 minutes long and they are offered at 5am, 6am, 7am and 8am Monday through Friday and at 8am on Saturday. With all of these options it’s pretty hard to think up an excuse not to attend. 😉

So there you have it. I officially want to invite you all to follow me (and hopefully join me) on this journey to a healthier lifestyle. I’m not too big on resolutions as we all know how long those usually last, so I’m approaching this as a long term change and I’m so excited to get started! If you’d like to try out Denver Fitness Boot Camp, Bargain Blessings readers can do so for FREE! All you have to do is fill out this questionnaire to get started.


  1. Amanda says

    Is it one free class? And after that, how much is a membership? I couldn’t find any info on their website. Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Amanda. :) Yes, you get the Free Try Out of the program and if you love it you can get your first month of Unlimited Boot Camp for $97. Devin is also always running some sort of cool contest or promotion, so those are also options. Starting on January 7th, they are kicking off 6 week New Year New You Total Body Challenge. It is $299 if you want to participate and they only take 21 participants. Here are all the details on that promotion:

      Everyone will get a starting weigh in including measurements and caliper
      test (if needed)

      A 6 week Carb Manipulation Meal Plan with a special email so you can have
      extra access to me while your on this Meal Plan.

      50% off to Smoooth Performance Spa

      50% off to DZ’s Hair Salon (Denise makes me look pretty:))

      10% off all Prograde supplements

      $5 for every Pound you lose!

      And some other cool Hook-Ups:)

      The GRAND PRIZE winner (selected by me and my staff as the person who kicked
      the most butt on the program, not just by weight loss) gets this

      Awesome Prize Package:

      $1000 ‘Makeover’ from Smoooth Performance Spa

      $500 Makeover from DZ’s Salon

      $250 Hair Makover

      $150 in Prograde Hook Ups

      $500 Waxing (Ouch!) Spa Package


      And a night at the Ritz Carlton (downtown) for you and a guest

      That’s a $3,932 Grand Prize!

  2. Renee says

    Jennie first of all, good luck for your boot camp class. I attended this boot camp a while ago for 3 months and I lost 30 lbs. i am not kidding 30 lbs. All the trainers at this place are awesome people. But the only difference is the I had to pay a lot. But looks like you have brought the readers an amazing deal here. My husband and I were talking about this lasttv night and he might sign up. My advice to him was Don’t Give up :)

  3. says

    I will join you in having a healtheir lifestyle. I too am not one for resolutions but I am determined to start making healthier eating choices. So although I am not doing the Denver Boot Cmap class. I am exercising and doing Weight Watchers.

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