Journey to a Healthier Me Update: Down 2lbs Already!

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I’m now two weeks into my Journey to a Healthier Me with Denver Fitness Boot Camp and it’s time for another update!

Weight Lost So Far: 2lbs
Clothes Fit: My jeans are starting to get a little more lose already! Yay!
Energy: It’s slowing getting a little better!
Bootcamp Attendance: 4 Days a Week and going strong!
Diet: Definite room for improvement here! Time to cut out the fries and chocolate!
Water Intake: Bleh. Can I skip this one? I’m really hoping to up my water intake by the end of the month!

First, I’ll share that I’m pretty proud of myself for my attendance rate so far! In the past I’ve always been terrible at sticking to any form of regular exercise for more than a week, but I’ve been going strong now for more than two weeks and am actually really starting to really look forward to going each day (gasp!) ;).

I also really love working with each of the three trainers that rotate throughout the week. Each of them have their own style of workout, so it is really great to have things mixed up. The 45 minute workouts are nothing like what you do in a gym. Here are the differences that I’ve noticed so far:

1. Everyone is in a much better mood than I’ve experienced in a gym so it is an instant boost to the atmosphere. I’ve found that this is so vital to having a great workout in the mornings and goes a long way to give me a great positive attitude to face the day.

2. These boot camps are much more intense than any normal gym workout. I get more done in 45 minutes than I could in 2 hours at a gym!

3. It’s not overcrowded. In all the classes that I’ve been to so far, it has never been overcrowded. In fact, this morning we only had 5 people in our class so it was pretty much like having a personal trainer for the session…awesome!

4. The workouts are so much more fun than anything I’ve done before. This one is hard to describe in words, but I really enjoy all of the different exercises we’ve been doing and every day I’m shocked that 45 minutes has already gone by.

So anyway, I could ramble on about this all day, but hopefully you get the point – everything is going very well with my workouts. For the second half of the month I hoping to buckle down on eating healthier and drinking more water. I’ll be back in two weeks with another update on how it’s all going!

Lastly, I want to extend an open invitation to all of you local readers to join by giving Denver Fitness Boot Camp at try. It’s totally free, so you don’t have to worry about wasting any money at all if you don’t like it. :) If you’re able to make it out on a Saturday morning – that is where I’d suggest getting started. They switch the format up a little bit on Saturdays and I think it is perfect when you’re just starting or just testing it out. Saturday workouts are at 8:00am and Monday through Friday you can attend at 5:00am, 6:00am, 7:00am or 8:00am…whatever works best for your schedule on the given day. They are located right off of I-25 in Greenwood Village.

If you would like to try out Denver Fitness Boot Camp for FREE, just fill out this questionnaire to get started and Devin (the head trainer) will get in touch with you! Make sure to tell him that you’re coming over from Bargain Blessings and if you want to keep going after trying it out for free, you’ll be able to get in at a special rate just for Bargain Blessings readers. Your 1st month of Unlimited Boot Camp will only be $97! And that is unlimited workouts with a trainer for an entire month…with guaranteed results!

Please be sure to shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment if you’re planning to come try it out…I’d love to say hello if we are there at the same time. :)

*Full Disclousure: I discovered Denver Fitness Boot Camp last year while trying to come up with a fitness solution that offered a great workout and flexibility. I tried it out and loved it so much that I couldn’t help but share with all of you so I’m partnering with DFBC to share my journey with you over the next six months. As always, all opinions expressed above are my honest thoughts.


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