Kellogg’s Family Rewards: 100 Point Bonus Code on Facebook!

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kellogg's-rewardsSweet! Boogie on over to the Kellogg’s Family Rewards Facebook Page and you will be able to snag a 100 point bonus code! This code is individualized, and it’s only valid for 1 week, so you’ll want to hurry and request yours.


If you haven’t tried these already, here are some additional codes to help boost your point total:

  • KFRSHARETHANKS20 (20 points)
  • EARNGREATREWARDS (20 points)
  • GETKELLOGGPOINTS (20 points)
  • giftofmusicbonus (20 points)
  • TJ51-BYTN-Y7J5-PN9Y (100 points)
  • HF51-B7TN-G7T5-TJ6K (100 points)
  • TPL1-B9TX-G7G5-WJJY (100 points)
  • TN7B-TPHB-6YM9-9KM6 ( 5 points)
  • 7W51-B5TP-97G5-71P7 (100 points)
  • 75R3-MX67-YTHP-MN6X (50 points)
  • T7P1-N9BX-C3K9-KYT6 (100 points)
  • GRAINSDAIRYFRUIT (50 points)
  • KFRTOURCHAMP20PT (20 points)
  • TEXTINMYKFRCODES (25 points)
  • HEALTHYRETURNS20 (20 points)
  • GREATSTARTSBONUS (20 points)
  • KELLOGGSFREEBOOK (50 points)

If any of these codes happened to be expired, please leave a comment and let us know so that we can remove them from the list.

(Thanks Money Saving Mom!)


  1. Chele says

    These are the only ones that worked for me
    GRAINSDAIRYFRUIT (50 points)
    HEALTHYRETURNS20 (20 points)
    GREATSTARTSBONUS (20 points)
    KELLOGGSFREEBOOK (50 points)

  2. Cinamyn says

    All of these came back as already have been entered..I suppose it could just be on my account it doesn’t specify.
    ◾TJ51-BYTN-Y7J5-PN9Y (100 points)
    ◾HF51-B7TN-G7T5-TJ6K (100 points)
    ◾TPL1-B9TX-G7G5-WJJY (100 points)
    ◾TN7B-TPHB-6YM9-9KM6 ( 5 points)
    ◾7W51-B5TP-97G5-71P7 (100 points)
    ◾75R3-MX67-YTHP-MN6X (50 points)
    ◾T7P1-N9BX-C3K9-KYT6 (100 points)

    These ones came back expired:
    ◾KFRTOURCHAMP20PT (20 points)
    ◾TEXTINMYKFRCODES (25 points)

    Thanks you for the others! I got an extra 300 points or so!

  3. Rebecca W. says

    These are the codes that were expired when I entered them:

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