Kindermint: Get Paid for Your Used Kids Clothes!

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Have you heard of Kindermint yet? It’s essentially an online consignment store that specializes in kids clothing. Right now they are just buying clothing, but they are planning on opening an online retail store in the future. I don’t know about you, but the ability to make a little money on my children’s used clothing, without even needing to leave my house (except to drop them in the mail), is quite appealing to me. Just click on the banner above to get started!


First you will need to order a FREE mint pack from their website. There is a $4.95 refundable deposit charged to help them reduce waste. You should receive the mint pack in 2-4 business days, which you can then stuff full with all the clothing you would like to sell. The postage is prepaid, so just hand it to your mailman or drop it off at the post office or UPS store.

Upon receipt of your MINT PACK, Kindermint will appraise your clothing and issue a credit which you can withdraw by check or a PayPal deposit.
A copy of your appraisal will accompany your payment.

If any of your items do not meet Kindermint’s quality standards, they will issue a Receipt of Donation for tax write-off purposes.


Kindermint buys children’s clothing ranging from 12 months to size 8. You can check out all the additional deals on their website, including exactly what they will purchase and what then won’t accept.

I haven’t personally sold to Kindermint yet, but if you have we would love to hear about your experience. Boogie on down to the comments section and share your thoughts.


  1. Kellie Hevelone says

    Hello. I am interested in selling some of children’s clothing. The link to get started isn’t working on your website. Thank you.

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