King Soopers and Kroger 4X Fuel Point on 100s of Gift Cards!

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King Soopers and Kroger have brought back their very popular 4x the Fuel Points promotion through April 23rd. What is so awesome about it this time, is that is is including 100s of different gift cards! Just purchase any qualifying gift card and you’ll get 4x’s the points loaded on your card!


I’m all about taking advantage of additional ways to save on my fuel purchases. ;-) You’ll also want to think ahead to any possible upcoming gift giving occasions that you might have. Often times I’ll purchase additional gift cards in advance, when King Soopers is having promotions such as this.

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  1. Christina says

    With the American Express/MasterCard/Visa cards listed, this is an even better deal. Of course, the activation fee for those particular cards will offset some of the savings, but you could buy the gift card in one transaction and turn around and buy your groceries with the card.

    Anyone who is planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland this summer should take advantage of this–depending on the fuel capacity of your vehicle, this is potentially much better than the Target 5% off.

    Math: @Target, $400 in gift cards -5%=$380 Total savings=$20.

    @KS, $400 in gift cards x 4points= 1,600 points. $1off/gallon x 26 gallons (1 gallon less than my truck’s capacity)=$26 in savings, plus $0.60off/gallon x 26 gallons (separate trip)=$15.60 in savings. Total savings=$41.60.

    Southwest Airlines cards are listed, too–this will work out to some serious vacation savings for us!

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