King Soopers Personal Prices: Check Your Emails for Some Nice New Ones!

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If you are a King Soopers shopper you might want to check your emails, as I just received one for some nice personal prices! You can always log in to your King Soopers account to check and see if you have any special offers as well.

These are the ones that I just received:


Remember that it’s very likely that you will have received different offers, but I know that from time to time I forget to check on these as well, so I thought a little reminder might be helpful. 😉

I’m kind of loving that these have unlimited uses all the way through February 28th this time!

Don’t forget to also check out the King Soopers deals section on Bargain Blessings for more savings at King Soopers!


  1. Sandra says

    I signed up for Personal Pricing at They apparently sent me an email on 9/29 for my personal pricing through 10/31. I’ve been looking high and low to see what my pricing would be for November and finally called them. Apparently there will not be any personal pricing for November and December. the next one comes out in January.
    As for why I couldn’t find it on the website, if there aren’t any personal pricing offers, the tab will not be there. The way to get to the point to see if the tab is there: login to your account, click on Savings and select Digital Coupons. On the left there should be a tab that says Personal Pricing. If it’s not there, there aren’t any savings to be had.
    I hope this saves someone else from wasting as much time as I did trying to figure this out!

  2. Theora Courtney says

    On my last personal prices mailer there was a note that it would be my last one unless I went online and registered to receive more by mail. I tried that but can not find any place to register. I would really like to continue to receive this folder by mail. Can you help me? Thanks. Theora courtney

  3. Susan Bergh says

    We received a mailer (for Shane Bergh) indicating that October 2014 would be the last one we receive. It said to go to I did that and it took me ti Kroger to register. Obviously, Kroger goes by King Soopers in Colorado. When I put in our zip code, 80233, it came back and said there isn’t a store within 500 miles. So I tried putting in the city and state, Northglenn, CO). Again, it came back no store within 500 miles. We would appreciate it if this could be corrected so that we can get the discounted items. We do 90% of our shopping at King Soopers and hope that we can continue with the discounts.

    Thank you,
    Susan Bergh

  4. ARod says

    how do you see personalized deals? I have a City market account and i have never seen a tab with “personal deals”. Can anyone help? Please reply!

  5. AMY says

    Looks like the eggs and cheese are popular. I got them too and also cottage cheese and cream cheese. Thanks for the reminder on this. Otherwise I would not have noticed or checked.

  6. Kristy says

    I was so excited for my personal prices this time! I got the eggs and cheese, too. Hillshire farm sausage and Campbell’s soup were the other two

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