King Soopers Turkey Prices: .49/lb Kroger Turkey!

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I’ve been getting many reports from readers today about King Soopers turkey prices. Want to know what the word on the street is?

Many of you seem to be finding Kroger frozen turkeys for .49/lb! This has been confirmed both in Colorado Springs and down in Greeley, so make sure to check the price at your local store and let us know what you find.

Also, don’t forget to check out the 2012 Thanksgiving Meal Deal Guide for price comparisons at King Soopers, Safeway, Sprouts, Target, Albertsons Market and Walmart!


  1. brandi says

    Just an FYI. Went to KS on Stetson Hills and the $.49/lb is only up to 20 lbs. We need the biggest turkey we can get and they only have butterball over 20lbs for 1.29/lb. Went to safeway and got a 24lb for .50/lb. Just couponed my broth and stuff over there to make up the $25 to get the price.

  2. HighPlainsMom says

    Yep – scored two at the King Soopers Marketplace in Fort Collins. They also accepted the $3 DC for a meat purchase and I received a $1 off Kroger turkey coupon in one of my coupon mailers so I got both for $8.46! These are going to be great for my kids to use at Turkey Bowling at church tonight!

  3. Dina says

    The King Soopers in Conifer also has them for .49/lb. I didn’t see a limit posted but might have missed it. I bought 2 and the $3 ecoupon came off.

  4. Natasha Sims says

    I live in Golden, and I was suprised to find turkeys for .49 lb.. they were limit 2, I bought a 16 1/2/ lb one for 7.93 great deal!

  5. Megan says

    I just got 2 in Monument. There there is a limit of 2. The bagger claimed it was a limit of 2 per souper card. Does anyone know if that is the case or if I can go back and get more at .49/ pound. Also since it bought 2 the $3 ecoupon off meat worked since it was over $10.

  6. Susan says

    I was just at the kIng Soopers in Colorado Springs on Stetson and found them for .49/lb. I bought 3…1 for my family and 2 for the Care and Share:) Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Michelle Rein says

    I’m hesitant about buying the kroger brand turkey…anybody made one before? Does it taste as good as the ‘name brand’ ones? Thanks!

    • Robin says

      Yes I have had them before and I think it depends on your cooking how it turn out. I use the cooking bags and have never had a complaint. i also plan on buying a couple for the freezer, I miss having good roast turkey all year and at this price I cant go wrong.

      • Megan says

        Brand name does not matter on taste. Chances are they actually come from the same place. I’m sure there is some difference in taste with a fresh, local turkey that has had more natural feed, but you’ll pay a lot more for that. The best way I’ve found for cooking a turkey is to put it breast side down for the first half of cooking. Then flip the turkey to brown up the top. You will end up with some marks on it from the metal rack in the pan, but this keeps the breast from drying out, which is the main difficulty in cooking a turkey. With a bigger turkey you may need a second set of hands to help flip it. Also I’ve decided that brining the turkey overnight doesn’t seem to add anything other than more work. I also buy about 6 turkeys so we can roast or smoke them throughout the year as well as a few others to give away.

    • teresa says

      No don’t buy the 49 cent turkey it was terrible. The breast meat was full of tendons and the leg meat was stringy. Ruined my Thanksgiving meal. I am taking the whole cooked turkey back to the Parker and 225 store on Monday. I am very unsatisfied. I don’t even want my money back but I want them to know just how bad it was.

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