Love Bomb Mission: Single Mom Battling Breast Cancer

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It has been a little bit since I’ve posted a Love Bomb mission, so I thought it was about time! If you are new to Bargain Blessings, please allow me to explain that a Love Bomb is simply a bunch of people joining together to show the Love Bomb recipient that people out there do care. This is accomplished by taking 30 seconds to leave a comment on the recipeients blog.

This week’s Love Bomb isĀ for Nanette. Here are the details form the ItStartsWith.Us team:

Nanette is a single mother of two (ages 9 and 13), and was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

She has absolutely amazed me with her optimism, joy, and overwhelming hope for her future. I don’t know how she does it.

She has been dealing with losing her hair through chemo, and has been very sick – making work difficult for her. I admire Nanette for keeping her head up so high despite the physical pain, adjusting to losing her hair, the stress from work – all while taking such good care of two kids on her own.

This week has been rough for her, and she needs encouragement. I am so excited for all of us to be her cheerleaders! If you’ve been reading the articles published about Love Bomb lately, we have been referred to as a compassion flash-mob. I love it.

So there you have it. I think that pretty much speaks for iteslf. I hope you will all join me by taking a moment out of your day and leaving a nice comment for Nanette!

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