Meet the Bargain Blessings Contributing Team



While on Bargain Blessings you will also see posts from Jennie’s team members Rebekah, Amy and Katie! These ladies are such a blessing to the Bargain Blessings family and we are very thankful for all of their contributions.

Get to know the Bargain Blessings contributing team…

Rebekah, Our Online Deal Expert

Hey there Bargain Blessings Readers! I’m so excited to introduce myself, my name is Rebekah.

When Jennie posted that she was hiring for Bargain Blessings, I was ecstatic! I had been an avid reader of the blog for quite some time, as I have always had a true passion for finding a good deal. I’ve been the “go to gal” for my friends and family when it came to helping them find the best prices for as long as I can remember, and I was so thrilled that I could possibly have the opportunity to do so for a much larger audience.

The one area of bargain hunting that had eluded me for quite some time was the world of couponing. My area of expertise has always been online shopping. :) I dabbled with the usage of coupons, but just couldn’t seem to get it all together. However, I continued to feel like I was really missing out on a multitude of savings by not being a more avid coupon user. When I first found Bargain Blessings I was thrilled, because Jennie seemed to demystify the elusive couponing world with her clear and precise matchups, and of course the grading system was an immense help as well. I’m now proud to say that I have been an avid coupon user ever since, and have so much savings to show for it!

I have a B.S. in Human Service, so understandably being of service to others has always been my life’s work. I’m married to a wonderful man, that I’m so grateful to be able to call my husband. We are also blessed to be the parents of two beautiful school-aged children.

I look forward to each day when I can share more great deals with all of you. I’m so blessed by this opportunity, as it truly has been the answer to so many prayers. I can only hope that in some small way the posts that I share will be blessings for all of you!


Stephanie, Our King Soopers Expert

Hello Bargain Blessings readers! My name is Stephanie and I’m so honored to be a part of this team of fabulous ladies. I’ve been a Bargain Blessings follower since 2010 and was over the moon when I received the call to join the team in 2013.


I learned about coupons from my mom and grandmother and even remember sitting on the floor helping my mom cut them out when I was young. Now, my mom will even admit that I’ve taught her a thing or two! Being frugal is a part of my day to day life, whether it’s using coupons or shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. I’m always out to find the best deal I can!

I am a proud firefighter’s wife. We have 3 beautiful children that keep me on my toes as a stay at home mom. I am also on the Steering Team for my local MOPS group. I love the opportunity to fellowship with other moms. When I have some “me” time, I like to sew and do crafts, read, visit with my girlfriends and catch up on some of my favorite TV shows. I enjoy gardening and I hope that my black thumb will turn a bit greener with every year.

I see God’s blessings around me every day and I have been so blessed by this site. I only hope I can continue to pass those blessings on to you through my thoughts and actions. Thanks for joining us on our frugal adventure!


Katie, Our Frugal Living Expert

Hello! My name is Katie. I have always been a “couponer” as I learned from one of the best while growing up- my mom!! Not only do I love saving money through coupons, but I am also passionate about katie-on-bargain-blessingsliving well overall. I strive to live a life worthy of the calling of Jesus Christ. To me, that means caring for my family well, blessing and investing in those around me, and making every day count through creative living and making memories.

I am blessed to be married to my college sweetheart. My husband and I, although we do not yet have kids of our own, serve kids everyday as teachers. I am an elementary Spanish teacher, and I love what I do. I also love to travel, scrapbook, spend time with people, write (hence contributing to Bargain Blessings!) and play tennis/piano/games.


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