Mega Event Shopping at King Soopers: $92.62 in Savings!

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So many of you are having fantastic shopping trips at King Soopers this week! Thanks again to everyone who sent pictures today! Here is an awesome savings story from reader Alaina that I want to share with you:

I wanted to share my great savings with you. I have been a big fan of your site for over a year now and I want to thank you and the Bargain Blessings family for all of your hard work. My family of 5 has saved thousands of dollars. Also I’d like to thank all of the regular readers for sharing their deals, together we all help each other.

My trip to King Soopers yesterday was awesome, I purchased 105 items totaling $133.55 and I paid only $40.93 and still have a $3 catalina left, my total savings was $92.62. I am definitely going back this week!

I especially want to point out what Alaina said about readers helping other readers. You all amaze be in the comments section each week by sharing deals, asking questions and helping one another to save. Thank you so much for being a part of this community! :)


  1. says

    When I purchased 7 Kleenex at King Soopers, I rec’d a $1 cpn for my next purchase of 5 boxes. Then on another day I rec’d a $1.50 cpn for one box of Kleenex, so watch for these, I will be doing this deal again.

  2. Hazel says

    What a haul, that’s awesome Alaina! It’s one of the best feelings being able to pull something like that off!

  3. Billie says

    Do Catalina act the same way as RR. Example if I bought 21 Kleenex in the same transaction would I get three 3$ Catalina s or would I get one 3$ Catalina?

    • alaina says

      You would only get one catalina per transaction, so for the Kleenex Catalina you would have to do 3 separate transactions. But the Catalina is only $2 oyno when you buy 7 or more. I bought 18 Kleenex in 2 separate transactions (9 each time) using 3 of the .55/3 coupons. That way you meet the Catalina requirements and don’t end up paying .99 for the 7th box. Besides my kids go thru Kleenex like you wouldn’t believe :)

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