Mega Swagbucks Friday + June 100 Swagbucks Bonus Sign-up Code!

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How is your Swagbucks earning going so far this year? This is such a great way to start saving up Amazon gift cards for Christmas time, so if you have not checked them out yet, you may want to get going today. The other great thing about starting today is that it is Mega Swagbucks Friday!

Each Friday Swagbucks gives away over 400,000 SwagBucks, giving you the chance to win as much as 2000 Swagbucks for doing one simple search. On top of that, right now they have a new member code out that will earn you 100 Swagbucks to start, rather than the usual 30. Just enter the code JUNETASTIC after you sign up HERE and you’ll be 22% on your way to a FREE $5 Amazon gift cardNot sure what Swagbucks is? Read on…

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine, just like Google and Yahoo. The only difference is that you can win Swagbucks when you search with them! Once you have earned enough bucks you can then get some awesome prizes from the Swag Store. These prizes include gift cards to places like and even Starbucks! A $5 gift card only cost 450 Swagbucks, so you can really start earning these quite quickly if you are searching (just like you do anyway on Google and Yahoo) and using the codes that I will keep you updated on. I know people who have paid for their entire Christmas by getting Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks…so there is definitely a ton of potential!

Ways to Earn More Swagbucks

Swagbucks Toolbar
One of the easiest and most convenient ways to search and earn codes is by getting the Swagbucks toolbar. That way, your search box is right there at the top of your browser. They will also periodically release Swag codes through the toolbar…allowing you to earn even more Swagbucks! You can get the toolbar at the top of your personal Swagbucks page.

Mega Swagbucks Fridays
On Fridays Swagbucks gives away even more Bucks than normal. Fridays are awesome for building up your Swagbucks stash!

Swagbucks Codes
Periodically Swagbucks will release a SwagCode that will allow you to earn even more Bucks! I will be sure to know when new SwagCodes come out and how you can find them.

Twitter and Facebook
Swagbucks also releases SwagCodes to their Twitter and Facebook fans, so after you get signed up be sure to check them out there too!

Swagbucks also has a great referral program. When you refer a friend to Swagbucks and they earn a Swagbuck, you will also earn a Buck…up to 100 Swagbucks!

So what are you waiting for? Go HERE to get signed up and start earning those Swagbucks!

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