New Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Coupon: Save .55 on Classic Beef Franks!

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You’ll definitely want to print this one quickly, as often times hot dog coupons don’t hang around for long! There is a new Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Coupon out that can be used on classic hot dogs or beef franks.


If your store happens to doubles, this could make for some really great deals! Leave us a comment and let us know which ones you are able to come across.


  1. Andrea says


    How did you access your deals? Kings sent me email saying I have some but I could not see any deals only digital coupons.

    • Hazel says

      Oh, with all the Mega excitement I forgot that I’m sitting on a personalized price for dawgies … $1.69 – with these Qs I can get ’em for $.69 a pack. (fanning self) I feel light dawgie headed.

      • Dina says

        Hazel, I would actually expect you to get them for even cheaper since these hotdogs are part of the Mega sale. So the .50 will come off on top of your personal price. That’s what happened with my crackers. It subtracted the .69 for my personal price and also subtracted the .50 for the Mega sale. I think you might be getting $.19 hotdogs! I’m jealous. :)

        • Hazel says

          My mind was working in Oscar Mayer stages. First stage was excitement over the printable. Then I settled down and the personalized price crept in with another rush of excitement. Then I settled back down and remembered OM in the Mega Event and that excitement stage hit.

          Took me 15 minutes to pick myself up from the floor! It sure wasn’t pretty.

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