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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE checking my mail every day. Why? Because it is usually stuffed with fun free samples and great coupons that I had requested during the previous weeks! You just never know what is going to show up!

So, yes, I think we will all agree that getting samples and coupons in the mail is fun, but what is not so fun is typing your name and address over and over and over. A few months back I discovered a trick that made my live a whole lot easier and saved me a lot of precious time! Have you ever heard of AutoFill programs? All you have to do is fill your information in once and then with a simple key stroke the program will automatically fill out all of your information on most forms.

Some internet browsers come with auto-fill capabilities built in, and others (like Internet Explorer) do not. I did some research on a universal resource that would work well with all browsers and the best option I found was the Google Toolbar. Once you’ve downloaded the Google Toolbar, you will need to complete your AutoFill profile with as much or as little information that you would like to be automatically filled in on your forms. I suggest just doing your name, address, phone number and possibly your birth date (or the birth date you use to request samples and such). After your profile is complete, all you need to do is click on the AutoFill button in your toolbar and *BAM* all your info will be filled out for you!

You can get the Google Toolbar by going HERE and can read more about the Auto-fill capabilities of the Google Toolbar by going HERE.

Keep in mind that no AutoFill program is perfect and it can get a little confused on some forms, but in my opinion it is so worth it to have to correct one or two items rather than having to fill out the entire form from scratch.

There are many other AutoFill programs and add-on’s out there. If you have found one that you like, please let us know!

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