See Emilee Shop Monday: 82% Savings at King Soopers!

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Reader Emilee had a few awesome shopping trips to King Soopers during the past two weeks! Here is how she did:

God has blessed me with the ability to share with so many people this holiday season!

Saved $244.59
Paid $44.21

Hopefully others are able to do the same!

Way to go Emilee and thanks for the important reminder for all of us to give back in our abundance this season! Do you have a successful shopping trip that would encourage other readers? Send me a picture at jennie (at) bargainblessings (dot) com.


  1. Hazel says

    Seriously sweet score, Emilee! It’s so much fun shopping and giving, but when you get to stack and arrange and play with your food this way, gives me the mega grins. How many layouts did you create before you got to this one?

    Way to go :)

    (I’d still love to see a pic of the cereal box castle made by a certain someone we all know and love!)

  2. Trisha via the Bargain Blessings Facebook Page says

    You are so wonderful! I was tallying up how much money I saved shopping back to school deals for my Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, and it was insane how little money I spent and how much money I saved! Thanks so much!

  3. Emilee says

    Thanks! I had a blast as always! My kids and I are working on putting together donation bags! I feel so blessed to be able to teach them the joy that comes from helping others!

    • says

      I just think this is so neat that you have figured out how to do this. I really think it’s neat that your teaching the kids how to do this. I just want to let you know that your Awsome for helping people out in during the Holidays when people need help and are to afraid to ask. I’m glad we finally have met and maybe some day you can teach me how. Thanks again for helping people out during the Holidays, your Awsome!!!

  4. Mommy Kane says

    Oh I am loving the Boulder Canyon Crinkle Cut potato chips! :) Think I might have to find some more coupons and get one last batch tomorrow!
    Awesome Job Emilee! This sale has been so much fun and perfect for donations right before the holidays. And of course great kiddie crafts with the free marshmallows.

    • Hazel says

      Um yeah, those Crinkle Cuts are a serious problem. They seem to poof into thin air as soon as I open the bag. Wait, I just looked behind me … there they are! (I picked up more last night, hopefully they’ll stick around for more than 15 minutes.)

      Did you try them with the Heluva Good dip?

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